France MP Signs Petition Asking the Country’s Central Bank To Buy Bitcoin

Jean-Michel Mis

As Bitcoin continues to go mainstream, a member of the French parliament has signed a petition that would enable the country’s apex bank to purchase cryptocurrencies. 

Jean-Michel Mis, the MP posted today on Twitter:

The petition which was created by ARK Ecosystem CEO on March 5, 2021, requires the country’s legislators to amend its financial laws to authorize the Banque de France to adopt BTC and other cryptos. 

The petition was created following increased interest from corporate investors, including MicroStrategy and Tesla which have purchased a large amount of Bitcoin. 

With major corporate players getting involved in Bitcoin, big cities like Miami had recently unveiled plans for the cryptocurrency. The petitioners fear that if the Banque de France does not adopt Bitcoin, the country may lose its financial capability in the future. 

Roadmap of The Petition

As part of requirements for all petitions filed on the Senate’s e-petition platform, the petition would need at least 100,000 signatures before the matter can be forwarded to the Conference of Presidents of the French Senate. 

Since its filing earlier this month on the Senate’s e-petition platform, the petition has only collected 295 signatures with Mis being among those who have signed. 

Although reaching the 100,000 signatures does not automatically mean the country’s legislators must deliberate on the subject, the next line of action will be taken by the Conference of Presidents, which in most cases is pushed for discussion on the Senate floor. 

Mis’ Involvement In Cryptos

Mis’ acceptance of the petition may not seem shocking to many, as the legislator has been in support of cryptocurrency, and has been making moves to help France become a crypto-friendly nation. 

Mis is the co-founder of the French Federation of Blockchain Professionals (FFPB), an initiative set up to support the growth of France’s blockchain industry. 

He disclosed in an interview last year that he possesses some cryptocurrencies, but he does not consider himself as an investor in the “strict sense of the term.” 

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