VeChain: New Pictures Supposedly Show Newest Wave of Walmart Products Tracked on VeChain Thor


Nearly one-year after blockchain-based project, VeChain announced a partnership with Walmart China, new pictures supposedly have revealed the newest wave of Walmart product tracked on VeChain.

The new pictures posted by Dutch VeChain Telegram Admin, Fatiebomba show at least three consumable products including egg rolls, waffles, and meat all tagged with data that customers can use to verify the supply chain records for the products.

While the VeChain Foundation is yet to publish recent information about its partnership with Walmart China, it is worth noting that the objective of the deal is for Vechain to provide blockchain infrastructure that will track foods Walmart sells in China.

As Coinfomania reported then, the target for both Walmart and its new partners would be to launch over 100 new products on the food traceability blockchain infrastructure provided by VeChain during the second half of 2019.

However, the state of the global economy since the start of the year, especially in China, may likely have delayed roll-out of the VeChain Thor-tracked products, although the latest pictures supposedly prove that the partnership is kicking on well.

Meanwhile, in more recent reports about VeChain, we confirmed that Asia Pacific (APAC) adopted VeChain as the sole public blockchain to boost trade relationship, while the Foundation’s CEO Sunny Lu confirmed the VeChain Thor 2.0 would be optimized for decentralized finance (DeFi)

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