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Scam Alert – Fake Ledger Wallet Support Number Found on Google

A potential con game involving Ledger hardware wallet has been exposed. A Redditor has raised a red flag about a fake Nano Ledger support number circulating the internet and duping unaware victims.

The Reddit post, which sounded an alert to crypto newbies as well as some other old members of the crypto community, stated “Ledger does NOT!!! have a number. Do not use. I repeat DO NOT USE!!!”

Ledger Nano S is a popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet that supports a wide variety of coins. Hardware wallets are important as they give their users high security for their coins offline. Ledger has managed to create a name for itself with its easy to use interface.

However, it seems that hackers have devised a new means of duping unsuspecting victims by creating a website that provides a phone number that customers can use to call support. The site somehow found its way to the first page of google search results for “Ledger Nano S support number.”

The Redditor who reported the fraudulent support number explained that he came across it while watching YouTube videos. He noted that a digital asset investor mentioned it on the Brad Kimes YouTube channel, and he did more research afterward before deciding to share what he found. 

The backstory to the discovery of the fraudulent number was as a result of an individual who lost his coin to the site. A Redditor reported saying, “from the story I heard via YouTube. This guy was panicking and called the first number he saw for Ledger.”

To find out how true it was, some redditors called the number.  One claimed that he called and “some Indian guy” asked for his 24-word phrase so as to help him solve the issues he was having with the wallet.

Another Redditor stated that the site was clearly fraudulent as they had “fake five-star reviews.” Another Redditor stated that most newbies wouldn’t know the difference. 

Upon investigation, we discovered that the website was no longer available as it seemed to have been taken down.

Ledger’s users should note that the hard wallet does not provide any phone support and does not employ the help of third parties as support. On the other hand, the hard wallet provider released its testnet and blockchain network API and is working towards ensuring better security.

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