Fake Crypto Bible 500ETH Giveaway; Stay SAFU

Crypto Bible ETH scam

There are currently posts going viral on social media, especially on Facebook that a supposed crypto publication, dubbed Crypto Bible is giving away 500ETH.

However, by all indications the Crypto Bible giveaway is fake even though it claims to be a gift for the page reaching the 12000 followers milestone. It mirrors the fake Binance 20,000 ETH giveaway which Coinfomania reported last year.

Fake Crypto Bible Scam

For one thing, the URL being used to promote the scam is not in any way related to Crypto Bible and instead uses the link shortener Telegra.ph. Also, followers are only required to send anywhere between 1-5 ETH to receive triple of that amount, a common tactic used by crypto fraudsters in the past.

Please do not send any ETH to the address they have provided on their website as this will inevitably lead to the permanent loss of your crypto funds.

It is still unclear at this point whether the Crypto Bible Facebook Page was hijacked or whether it is the real entity behind the page that is promoting the fake giveaway since there is no website URL linked to them.

Thankfully, a scan on the ETH wallet address used by the scammers showed that it has not received any funds despite apparently fake replies on the Facebook page, that some have received triple of what they donated.

To stay safer, you may want to unfollow the page as anybody behind the fake Crypto Bible ETH giveaway may still promote such a fraudulent link the next time they reach another follower milestone.

Please share this post with your friends so that everyone can stay SAFU!

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