Expect Bitcoin to Hit $8.2k And ETH $268 By Dec. 1, 2018, Finder Experts Predict

Bitcoin’s stability may not last beyond the end of the month. A group of panelists at the finance comparison site, Finder.com, has revealed in their November crypto forecast that the major cryptocurrency will grow by 28% to reach $8200 by the beginning of next month.

The forecast which took into consideration the prices of cryptos as at October 31, 2018, also held out a positive outlook for major altcoins ETH and XRP. The duo is expected to rise up to $261 and $0.57 respectively with this trend continuing far into the future.

At least by the end of  2019, the top three cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple are predicted to have grown by 164%, 221%, and 327% respectively.  This will bring their total market value to $16732, $615 and $1.90 at that time.

Even though Justin Sun and his team at TRON X recently reached the 1 million transaction mark, the panelists expect a 10% drop in the coin’s value between now and the end of the month. On the bright side, a favorable 2019 is predicted for the project which will see the value rise by 80% to kiss $0.04.

Growth Prediction For Trending Altcoins

The forecast also tried to predict the future three of the most trending altcoins who are currently outside of the top ten cryptocurrencies, namely Binance Coin, Bytecoin, and Verge.

For the first of the two, prices are expected to rise by 5% and 3% respectively between now and December 1. However, a very bullish prediction for Verge (XVG) will have raised brows given that the coin has not been enjoying any greenish spell in the last couple of days.

A 76% rise for XVG was predicted from now till December 1 while this trend is lower by the end of 2019. The coin is expected to move from $0.013 at current value to $0.024 by at the start of next month, but record only a $0.004 increase for the whole of next year to sell at $0.028.

Finder’s panelists consist of major crypto traders and personalities; therefore, the predictions should not be considered a replacement for researching cryptocurrencies before making an investment.

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