Top 5 Crypto Exchanges Where You Can Buy Compound (COMP) Token

Compound comp

DeFi lending platform Compound Protocol recently released its governance token COMP to give users voting rights in the ecosystem.  Upon distribution of the token, COMP saw a tremendous surge in its price, causing a buzz in the crypto space and reminding investors of the good old days of 2017 ICOs.

While the initial buzz about Compound’s governance token may have reduced, many crypto traders who are not fortunate enough to receive the cryptocurrency for free during distribution are looking for where to buy and sell COMP.

Exchanges where you can buy and sell COMP

Since its release, not very many trading platforms have listed the token. However, this article covers a number of crypto exchanges that have enabled support for the buying and selling of COMP.


Trading Pairs: COMP/ERC-20 tokens

Decentralized exchange protocol, Uniswap was arguably the first place where the earliest units of released COMP tokens were sold to kickstart price discovery for the asset. Now, users who connect their Ethereum wallet can swap a wide range of Ethereum-based assets for COMP using the Uniswap website.

Uniswap COMP swap
Buying COMP on Uniswap

At the time of writing, one can swap either ETH, DAI, BAL, renBTC, ENJ, BNT, and other support ERC-20 tokens for COMP using this means. Please note that for the process to be successful, you have to hold any of the tokens that you want to swap for COMP on your wallet before initiating the swap.



Margin Trading: YES.

Range: 5x

Leading crypto exchange Binance is one of the few centralized exchanges that listed COMP on June 25, or within a week after it was released. 

COMP/BTC Binance
COMP/BTC Market Binance

Four days after enabling support for COMP in the spot markets, the exchange announced another plan to launch a perpetual contract for the governance token. The COMP/USDT perpetual contract allows traders to choose leverage positions between 1-50x.  


Trading Pairs: COMP/USD and COMP/BTC

Margin Trading: NO

A popular San Francisco-based digital currency exchange, Coinbase is one of the early platforms that supports the buying and selling of COMP tokens to customers in the exchange’s supported regions. Currently, Compound’s governance token is listed on and Coinbase Pro, a professional trading platform for crypto enthusiasts.

COMP/USD Market Coinbase Pro
COMP/USD Market Coinbase Pro

Coinbase began accepting inbound transfers of COMP tokens to its Pro trading platform on June 22. However, trading of COMP tokens on Coinbase Pro only started the following day, June 23. 

Having traded on Coinbase Pro for mild gains, the cryptocurrency exchange went on to list the governance token on its simplified platform, Most precisely, COMP token was live on and the exchange’s Android and iOS applications on June 25, albeit without support for New York residents.


Trading Pairs: COMP/USDT and COMP/ETH

Margin Trading: NO

Poloniex is another early adopter of Compound’s governance token. On June 17, the United States-based digital currency exchange announced its support for COMP token and listed the above-named trading pairs for its users.

COMP/USDT Market Poloniex
COMP/USDT Market Poloniex

Subsequently, Poloniex announced its support for cUSDT, the ERC-20 token version of USDT on Compound. In addition to supporting cUSDT/USDT, the listing of cUSDT token brought another option that allows users to earn COMP tokens on Poloniex exchanges on their cUSDT balance, according to the exchange’s blog post. This offer serves more like an incentive to encourage users to accumulate and hold Compound’s governance tokens.


Trading pairs: COMP/BTC and COMP/USDT

Margin Trading: YES.

Range: 2x

OKEx exchange joined the wagon of cryptocurrency platforms supporting the trending governance token. The digital currency spot and derivatives marketplace announced the listing of COMP tokens with spot trading pairs against Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether stablecoin (USDT). 


Final thoughts

In this article, we have covered the top five places to buy COMP, the governance token for decentralized lending protocol, Compound. Although there are other platforms where investors can purchase COMP, we’ve prepared this article based on the track-record of the listed exchanges, and believe you found it helpful.

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