Everyone Who Holds Bitcoin Is In Gains As Ether Crosses $4k

Barely 10 minutes to the time of writing, the most valued coin, Bitcoin, soared to an all-time high. As many were enjoying the thrill of new found height at $65,000, they were oblivious to the fact that the surge is still on. A few minutes after $65k, the largest cryptocurrency hit another milestone – it move up by a thousand placing the new ATH at $66,229.

Data from Cryptocurrencies to watch hints that the price hike to the new ATH started at around 12:00 UTC. The milestone as much as it brought joy to the HODLers, also tells us that the bears are at a loss.

Information from Bybt shows that more than $150 million was liquidated in the past hour. Of the total liquidations in the past hour, more than $105 million was REKT from short positions on BTC.

The new record has sparked a lot of reactions from social media platforms like Twitter as many crypto traders were seen jubilating. One of the many users who expresses their joy goes by the name Bitcoin_Archive. He said that #Bitcoin broke $66K and made a new ATH for the first time in 189 days and concluded the tweet by adding “we’re back baby!”

Michael Saylor seems to be shading the bears as he tweeted that The halls of eternity echo with the cries of those who sold their #bitcoin. As many are celebrating their wins over the Bulls, Alts are also picking up momentum.

Ethereum Hit $4,000

The largest alt takes the lead as it hits its highest since May. Ether surged as high as $4,080 barely 10 minutes to the of writing. Many will conclude that the second largest coin could still surge higher.

The hike in the price of various coins, especially those of bitcoin, has resulted in the increase in the global cryptocurrency market cap. The market is currently up by 5.44% as it is valued at $2.63 trillion.