Europol Game to Teach Agents How to Catch Crypto Thieves

Following the conclusion of the sixth Europol Cryptocurrency Conference today, the enforcement agency revealed in a press release that it is developing a computer game to teach investigators and enforcement agencies how to handle criminal investigations relating to cryptocurrencies.

The proposed game will specifically provide officers with “hands-on training and advice on tracing cryptocurrencies in criminal investigations.” It will in the process, set a record as the world’s first law enforcement training opportunity in the cryptocurrency industry and investigation through gamification.

Europol noted that the “cryptocurrency-tracing serious game,”  was developed and co-created in partnership with CENTRIC (the Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence, and Organised Crime Research). The game will go live in October 2019, during the seventh Europol-INTERPOL Cybercrime Conference.

Meanwhile, the just-concluded conference reportedly provided “opportunities for closer cooperation and new partnerships to prevent and detect cryptocurrency-facilitated crime and to assist asset recovery.”

About 300 cryptocurrency experts attended from the law enforcement and the private sector to deliberate on techniques for the investigations into the theft of funds, phishing, and DDoS extortion. Also in the conference were panels regarding the use of cryptocurrencies as investments and trading activities, store of value, payment method, and the legitimate use of blockchain technologies.

Undoubtedly, blockchain holds much potential both within and outside the crypto sphere.

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