Eternal Digital Assets Launches Premier Marketplace for Web3 Domains 

Blockchain startup Eternal Digital Assets (EDA) announces the launch of its premier marketplace for trading Web3 domains and other digital assets. The newly launched platform is the first in the Web3 space to offer complete buy, sell, and lease functionalities for these emerging assets. An option to allow users to auction assets will go live in the near future. 

The Eternal Digital Assets platform, underpinned by the Polygon blockchain, allows users to trade Web3 domains in a dedicated marketplace for utility assets. While the platform currently lists domains from launch partners at Unstoppable Domains, the plan is for Eternal Digital Assets to expand its suite of domain listings and related offerings rapidly. Specifically, EDA  will release a bulk listing option and the world’s first   Web3 domain builder service.

True to the sentiment of Web3, the leasing feature pioneered by Eternal Digital Assets through its newly launched platform provides a channel for domain holders to monetize their assets without giving up ownership. The EDA marketplace uses smart contracts to handle the lease process while never relinquishing asset ownership of the current owner and provides a seamless experience for users.

There are currently an estimated 2.9 million registered Unstoppable Domains and over six million Web3 domains across different registrars. It is this emerging niche that Eternal Digital Assets aims to disrupt by providing advanced tools to support vendors and buyers.

Eternal Digital Assets CEO Sheldon Benson said on the launch:

“We’re excited to unveil a product that addresses a critical market gap in the Web3 economy. The current infrastructure for trading Web3 domains is fundamentally underdeveloped and biased toward listing other assets that undermine the potential embedded in Web3 domains and their role in digital identity. Having one of the largest inventory of Web3 domains and also the first dedicated platform for exchanging these assets, we’re confident that EDA will unlock immense value for investors in this niche.” 

The Eternal Digital Assets marketplace was soft-launched earlier this week, with users able to list their domains and access a few other functionalities ahead of the full release. Following today’s launch, all of the platform’s core functionalities are immediately available for anyone looking to explore the world of Web3 domains.

In the near future, Eternal Digital Assets also plans to expand its offerings to include the listing of tokenized assets from different industries including real estate, insurance, health, and any other field where tokenization can play a key role. Eternal Digital Assets will explore new market opportunities as they develop.



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