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EOS’s Has Accumulated Well Over 140,000 BTC, Says CEO Brendan Blumer

Brendan Blumer, CEO, and co-founder of EOS.IO software developer, BlockOne, just revealed that the company has acquired more than 140,000 BTC.

Launched in 2017, BlockOne is a blockchain software company focusing on providing enterprises and individuals with technology and products within the blockchain space.

Prominent among BlockOne products is the EOS.IO blockchain protocol, a smart contract platform that claims to shut out transaction fees and perform millions of transactions within a few seconds.

The company’s latest move has added to the bandwagon of institutional investors who have continued to increase their Bitcoin portfolio.

Sources familiar with the matter have it that the recent 140,000BTC acquisition was geared to attract more strategic investors to join the train.

According to Blumer, the potentials of Bitcoin goes beyond a store of value. Hence the big move beyond the company’s previous announcement for 140,000 BTC.

Block,one had raised $4 billion to build strategic products including EOS.IO. The company recently announced the launch of a new social media platform dubbed Voice with hopes to create a speedy awareness of the platform to the public.

In recent times many institutional investors have gone bitcoin shopping over and over again. A starling example in this regard is the enterprise business software company MicroStrategy. The company now has a total Bitcoin holding of  40,824 BTC, which is about 0.194%  of the total bitcoin supply.

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