Electroneum Founder Beckons on Binance to Consider ETN Listing After 4 Million User Mark


In a recent video message, Richard Ells, founder, and CEO of Electroneum reaches out to Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, once more to consider listing Electroneum native token (ETN) on their platform, arguing that the project meets all the requirements of a model Binance-exchange coin.

Ells sent this video message to Binance CZ as per a statement the Binance CEO made in a YouTube video interview with Altcoin Buzz. During the interview, Binance CZ mentioned that a project would have zero troubles of being enlisted on their platform if only the project has over a million users.

Noteworthily, the UK based cryptocurrency project Electroneum reportedly has more than 4 million registered accounts, which is 4xed the number Binance CZ mentioned. The company also has more than 2.7 million people who have downloaded the Electroneum app and are using it.

Besides, enabled by an airdrop in the first 30 months of Electroneum’s existence, where up to $3 worth ETN was sent to some wallets in a month, the project attracted millions of users and has now progressed to developing the ETN ecosystem and growing adoption.

Electroneum Pursues Binance Exchange Listing

This video message is not the first time Electroneum has reached to Binance to list their native coin ETN as Electroneum CEO mentioned that they have contacted Binance exchange twice and haven’t gotten a reply since then.

The situation remarkably mirrors that of Digibyte (DGB) another old crypto project that was eventually listed on Binance for free, even though the exchange had requested a $300,000 fee and a percentage of the coin’s circulating supply.

Aside from meeting up and exceeding the number of users requirements, Electroneum claims to be the only crypto start-up that has in-app mobile airtime and data top-ups, which has recorded more than 200,000 mobile airtime and data top-ups and about 300,000 app to app transfers.

The project is also notable for thriving over other crypto projects in opening in-app electricity top-ups in some African countries and is working towards doing the same for more countries later on.

Talking about the massive coin votes the project has recorded in Binance listing pools on social media, Electroneum CEO stated, “I think because our genuine community is massive, it’s quite easy to think that our coin votes were bots or fake, but they were not.”

He continued,” Our figures are completely verifiable. We’ve had our huge user numbers and usage figures verified by Cointelligence. And we’ve also got Alexa certified stats. It’s quite easy for your team to have a look and see where our hotspots of use are.”

Electroneum, with its 2020-launched global freelance platform, AnyTask,  also added a feather to its wings as the platform has registered almost 500,000 persons and has more than 9,000 tasks from thousands of freelancers from dozens of digital task categories.

In addition to becoming one of the cryptocurrencies listed on Binance, Ells also mentioned in the video message an interest in partnering with Binance for a project in emerging countries. 

He stated, “We’re very well-financed, which means we can do a huge joint venture in some of these developing countries.”

Electroneum is currently ranked 161st on Coingecko with a market cap of $57.8 million. The altcoin traded at a price of $$0.0056 at the time of writing.

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