El Salvador to Train Bitcoin and Lightning Developers

El Salvador’s Bitcoin Office announced the launch of a new program aimed at empowering selected candidates to become competent bitcoin and lightning developers. The CUBO+ program is a six-month course launched in the Salvadorian university system.

CUBO+ will launch in May and will consist of students who are under 25 years of age. The Bitcoin Office will select the brightest students in El Salvador’s institution, the University of Don Bosco, as inaugural program participants. The training is part of an agreement between El Salvador and Lugano, Switzerland, to have the first Bitcoin Embassy in the Swiss city.

El Salvador previously launched a Bitcoin educational center in February in the state, where it teaches citizens about blockchain and cryptocurrency. The country has continued to show firm belief in bitcoin and cryptocurrency, having passed a bill for bitcoin bond issuance.

The Brightest Minds in Bitcoin will Host the Program.

According to the office, the brightest minds in Bitcoin will lead and teach the selected students for the program. It is yet to announce the hosts for the program, but the class will cover a wide range of blockchain topics, including distributed technologies such as Web5, Nostr, and Holepunch.

The program will consist of two weeks of online classes, followed by a two-week personal boot camp. The remaining five months will be a mentorship section with the big names in Bitcoin.

Tether and Fulgur Ventures to Fund Program

El Salvador’s Office also revealed that Tether and Fulgur Ventures would fund the maiden version of the CUBO+ program. Tether owns USDT and is the largest stablecoin issuer in the world. Fulgur is a venture capital firm based in Delaware, U.S.

Only students who make the cut into the Plan B Fellowship will participate in this program. On completion, participants will be given opportunities to take up jobs at big bitcoin firms or pursue entrepreneurial paths. The program also provides continuing education for trainees.

El Salvador again took another step towards propagating mass bitcoin adoption. The country approved bitcoin as its legal tender and vowed to purchase 1 BTC per day. The Bitcoin office stated that the CUBO+ program would set an example for other nations to follow.

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