Eddie Hughes Says Bitcoin Should Be Used For Taxes in the UK

Eddie Hughes say bitcoin should be used for taxes

Eddie Hughes, a conservative member (MP) of the United Kingdom’s (U.K.) Parliament has reportedly suggested that it should be made possible for citizens to pay state taxes in popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

An Expressco.uk reportsays the inspiration came to the top official after he visited the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, a U.K-based charity organization that now accept Bitcoin donations.

“What’s to stop us [from] being able to pay council tax and other bills with Bitcoin?” the Rep thought after the charity visit.

Perhaps funnily in what seemed like an answer to his question, Eddie Hughes labeled himself a “crypto enthusiast with amateur knowledge,” but conceded that it was his duty and that of the fellow parliamentarians to understand the invention.

It will be interesting to observe whether the Walsall North Representative’s comment will lead to a positive move that will precede the adoption of Bitcoin for Tax and Utility payments somewhere in the U.K and possibly the rest of it.

Ohio State Already Stole The Match Ahead of Any U.K Move

Eddie Hughes’ comments bring to mind a landmark moment in the U.S State Ohio last month when the tax department of the region announced that they were now accepting BTC for business tax payment.

The State also plans to make the BTC tax payment option available in the coming months while hailing it as a way to stay “ahead of the (innovation) curve.”

Will the U.K join the BTC for taxation party? Leave your comments below

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