Canadian Internet Service Provider EasyDNS Adds Support for .ETH Domains

Popular domain name registrar EasyDNS announced Wednesday that it had added support for Ethereum Name Services (ENS) .ETH domains with plans to integrate Stacks .btc domains in the future. 

The Canadian-based internet service provider noted it was the first-ever domain registrar to include ENS domains “linking to legacy IANA TLDs,” which started with .XYZ domains in 2018 before proceeding to other top-level domains earlier this year. 

“We were the first ICANN registrar to support Ethereum Name Service (ENS) linking to legacy IANA TLDs, starting with .XYZ back in 2018 and then earlier this year with many others, including .COM.That means you could use your .XYZ or .COM domain as an Ethereum wallet address, NFT, etc.”

The latest development allows users to register native .ETH domains at EasyDNS along with other ENS domains can represent wallet addresses within the Ethereum ecosystem

As a popular ICANN registrar, EasyDNS noted it would add support for other decentralized namespaces in the future, including Stacks .btc domains. 

EasyDNS to Accept Only Ethereum Payments

The Canadian company further stated that users can only acquire .ETH domains using Ethereum (ETH). Buyers purchasing high-priced domains ($1,500 in ETH) would have to pay up to 500 gwei at approximately ($22.50) for transaction fees. The price, however, is subject to change in the future depending on the exchange rates and gas price movements. 

Meanwhile, the latest addition of ENS support to EasyDNS is likely going to boost the transaction volume of the Ethereum domain registrar, which has experienced significant growth in the past few months. 

ENS broke the 1 million barriers in July and recorded 1.5 million registered domain names despite the recent crypto winter that negatively impacted the entire industry since May after the Terra (LUNA) crash. 

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