DeFi Protocol Ankr Partners Microsoft to Offer Enterprise Node Hosting Services


Ankr, a decentralized finance (DeFi) infrastructure provider, has partnered with the American tech giant Microsoft to offer hosting services to businesses and enterprises needing access to the blockchain technology. 

According to the official announcement Tuesday, the partnership will see the integration of technology from both companies, incorporating Ankr’s blockchain infrastructure with Microsoft’s cloud solutions. 

Support Microsoft Azure Marketplace 

Additionally, the node hosting services will be supported by the Microsoft Azure marketplace to provide low-latency blockchain connections for Web 3 projects, allowing developers to focus on scaling their applications and Web 3 projects. 

Through the collaboration, users will receive the right tools to develop enterprise blockchain nodes with custom specifications for global location and memory, easily track their nodes’ performance at will, and optimize data queries for high-speed reliability. 

Regarding the partnership, Rashmi Misra, Microsoft’s general manager for artificial intelligence and emerging technologies, said the company aims to empower individuals and organizations worldwide to succeed. 

“Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Many developers and organizations are exploring how Web 3 can help solve real-world business challenges, and our partnership with Ankr will enable them to access blockchain data in a reliable, scalable, and secure way,” said Misra. 

She further disclosed that both firms are building a strong Web3 infrastructure layer to promote the Web 3 ecosystem. 

Incredible Milestone for Ankr

Like Misra, Ankr’s co-founder and chief executive officer Chandler Song said the partnership with Microsoft marks a critical step in bringing blockchain infrastructure to a growing digital economy sector. 

The Ankr CEO also noted that the deal signifies how far decentralization has come since its debut.

“The partnership, while an incredible milestone for Ankr, is also a key indicator of how far the decentralized web has come in integrating with the crucial players in every layer of web systems. The result will be an era of extremely prolific building for blockchain-based applications from new Web 3 projects and large enterprises entering the space,” Song said. 

Per the announcement, the partnership offers the two companies a chance to provide “an incredibly powerful industry solution that creates a stronger infrastructure layer for the space.”

The node service, which will soon be available on the Azure Marketplace, will offer Web 3 companies that require dedicated nodes to relay transactions, deploy smart contracts, and read and write blockchain data. 

Image: Midjourney

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