Decentralized Netbox.Browser Tightens Security With Kaspersky Partnership

Blockchain-based decentralized web browser, Netbox.Global has partnered with leading multinational cybersecurity company, Kaspersky to evaluate its security features, and thus make the browser less susceptible to cyberthreats.

According to a press release by Netbox, the new agreement with Kaspersky means that the Netbox.Global browser would be considered a legitimate object by the cybersecurity firm after being subjected to exhaustive and rigorous testing.

The result of Kaspersky’s evaluation will be made accessible to all Netbox.Global browser users who already enjoy a high level of personal data security as such information is not controlled by any centralized infrastructure.

A primary benefit of the new partnership is that it will also improve the high grade of the Netbox. Browser security, since the Kaspersky team will bring onboard their broad experiences and competence in detecting and preventing cyber threats.

Notably, securing a landmark partnership with Kaspersky, a globally recognized security firm that fights sophisticated digital threats for over 400 million users, makes another vital step for Netbox.Global and the rest of the crypto industry towards linking up with leading tech companies.

Meanwhile, in another report concerning a blockchain-powered browser, Coinfomania reported last week that Basic Attention Token (BAT) announced plans to pay users a 70% revenue on Sponsored Image Ads expected to launch on the platform in the coming months.

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