Decentraland Introduces Avatars Feature for its Virtual World Platform

Decentraland, an open source platform for gaming and socializing, has once again released an interesting feature that lets players to traverse an ever-expanding and engaging virtual world. With the addition of Avatars, users can now appreciate an immersive experience on web and mobile devices that fosters self-expression and creativity.

Boundless customization

When creating their Avatars, players take full control of their virtual identities – will they design a visual representation of themselves, or will they forge a path as someone completely new? The opportunities are endless with the Avatar Creator, where players can choose between dozens of different physical traits, clothing options, and accessories. With this simple tool, anyone can explore Decentraland with style and swagger

Truly unique names

Players can register a one-of-a-kind name on the blockchain by burning a small amount of MANA, Decentraland’s ERC20 token. By selecting a unique name, players secure forever an exclusive identity with which to explore a vast virtual world. Players will also use their Avatar name to sign in to the various platforms within the Decentraland ecosystem.

Passports to the next virtual world

Along with Avatars, Decentraland has introduced Passports, which act as a secure, single sign-on for Decentraland. With Passports, Decentralander users will find an even more cohesive and streamlined experience for their metaverse travels.

Sign up early for perks and rewards

Players who sign up for Avatars are automatically entered in a lucky draw, and fifty lucky winners will be randomly selected to receive limited edition NFT backed accessories for their avatars. Because names are completely one-of-a-kind and minted on the Ethereum blockchain, unique and interesting names are coveted. Anyone who signs up for Avatars will also be given early access to Decentraland before the full launch later this year.

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