Death Hits The Crypto Industry As Thai Bitcoin Miner Gets Electrocuted

Tragedy befalls the family of a 26-year-old Bitcoin miner in Thailand’s central Chonburi province named Danai Makmek who was electrocuted to death while trying to power up his computer system to mine more cryptocurrency.

Makmek’s death is believed to be a first of its kind for the crypto industry as no deaths have been recorded in relation to any crypto activity.

The Unfortunate Incident

According to the deceased brother, Apiwat Makmek, Danai had put together the computer system used for mining by himself, which he (Apiwat) was not comfortable with as regards the safety of the system.

He had put together cables, wires, and at least 19 hard drives to set up the crypto mining machine and used electric fans to cool the hardware.  He used the machine to mine crypto and was capable of earning thousands of dollars worth of Bitcoin each week.

When the system developed a fault, Danai confided in his brother and the latter told him that he would accompany him to a technician the next day to fix the issue, however, the deceased who became impatient and worried about the loss he would acquire from not mining decided to fix the machine himself.

Danai was found lying slumped over the Bitcoin set up, dead, the next day by his brother, who came with a technician to fix the computer system. He is believed to have died after the Bitcoin mining computer exploded and electrocuted him.

Emergency services were called to attend to Danai but all attempts by the paramedics to revive him were futile.

Police were later called on to investigate the matter and according to Police Colonel Santi Shoosheud, the room where the deceased was found dead had no signs of forced entry and his body had no suspicious injuries, confirming prior speculation that he had died from electrocution.

The Police Colonel concluded,

“We believe he attempted to fix the broken machine on his own and was electrocuted. We are still investigating the case but there was no forced entry nor suspicious injuries found so far.”

Although Danai’s case is reportedly the first bitcoin mining fatality case, some authorities have taken measures against mining due to the excessive energy it consumes.

To combat this problem, some bitcoin miners decided to switch to renewable energy supply for mining, thus 56% of the energy used in mining bitcoin globally in the second quarter of the year was a sustainable electricity mix.