Dash Now Accepted as Payment at Venezuelan Pharmacy Farmarket in 22 Locations

Venezuelan pharmacy franchise, Farmarket has partnered with Xpay,  the payment processor of Panda cryptocurrency exchange, to promote the widespread adoption of Dash coin as a means of payment in the country.

According to a report by Dash today, the alliance between the pharmacy and Xpay would integrate Dash as one of the payment alternatives via the XpayCash payment terminal.

Going by this, customers of the pharmacy will be able to use Dash coin in making payment for the company’s goods, including pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and other products hosted by the pharmacy.

The Dash payment feature would be trialed in selected stores of the pharmacy within the Caracas area of the country. However, a final rollout of the new payment system will be unveiled in all 22 locations of the pharmacy, thus making it easy for the firm’s more than 250,000 customers to gain easy access to using the crypto in making payments.

General Manager of Farmarket, Cinthya Sagues is optimistic that the latest development would contribute positively to the Dash economy in Venezuela while adding:

[…] being able to offer Dash through XpayCash will allow us to offer the most updated payments technology on the market. Having the support from the Dash team directly in the stores will allow us to bring the Dash experience we have seen in many parts of the country into our stores.

Per the report, Dash’s integration with Panda Exchange’s Xpay late last year led the exchange to promote Dash use cases in various parts of Latin America.

The latest partnership with Farmarket indicates how the exchange is advocating for the widespread adoption of Dash within the region.

“We have been working with the Dash Core Group for this expansion for quite some time now, and being able to add Farmarket to our customer base will open up a door of opportunity for cryptocurrency adoption in Venezuela and the world,” Panda Exchange CEO, Arley Lozano said.