DASH Adoption Spikes as Active Wallets in Venezuela Rises By 410%

Venezuelans show high interest for Dash (DASH), a peer-to-peer decentralized electronic cash, according to a recent data pulled from Google Play Store active device statistics.

The data confirmed a 410% increase in active Android devices using the Dash Wallet application in the country between May till November this year. About 27.3% was noted as the growth rate for November alone, a move that shows more adoption of Dash.

Per the report, the 410% increase does not count for all the total installs in the region. The ‘active devices,’ however, refers to the devices that have been online within the past 30 days, at least.

The development today, which reportedly means an increase from 7,587 to 39,759 active Dash wallets in Venezuela, entails a sustained growth trend in popularity in the country, which faced several economic challenges that forced consumers and merchants to search for suitable alternatives.

Meanwhile, the force behind the high adoption growth of Dash in Venezuela over the last year and the first half of 2019, could be much adoption growth in the region, for consumers and merchants, can be traced to community outreach initiatives, many of which were funded by Dash’s Treasury.

In August, for instance, Farmarket, a Venezuelan pharmacy franchise, partnered with Xpay to Integrate Dash as a payment alternative in the country, via the XpayCash payment terminal.

Under the partnership, a new payment system will be released in 22 locations of the pharmacy, enabling over 250,000 customers to pay for pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and other products of the pharmacy using Dash.

Coinfomania also reported that Dash saw a 5% gain in September, after the leading U.S digital currency exchange, Coinbase announced it would list the coin on its Pro platform.

Ranked 23rd on Coinmarketcap with a press time price of $50 per coin, news of the cryptocurrency’s adoption in Venezuela raises hope that DASH could garner more interest in the future.