CyberVein And Zhejiang University To Promote Blockchain Research: CVT Token Gained 60%

Cybervein, a crypto startup which focuses on decentralized databases has announced a new partnership with Zhejiang, one of China’s best tertiary institutions.

The objective of the new partnership as revealed in a Cybervein update is for the parties to create a new blockchain and innovation research centre that will be called ” Zhejiang University” Cybervein R&D Center. This new centre will foster technological research into blockchain technology and also provide technical support for scientific research enterprises.

Moving forward, the new partners acknowledged that the new Research and Development Center will become a technical talent exchange platform, thus forming a base for blockchain research.

Cybervein and Zhejiang also hope that the union will enable both parties to increase their blockchain research level and allow them to enhance their competitiveness in the global blockchain industry.

Cybervein Token (CVT) Outlook – Bullish

Shortly before and after the announcement that CVT token, the native currency of the Cybervein project, has recorded gains more than half of its value in the last 24 hours. Data from Coinmarketcap shows a 60.47% daily increase with CVT price now $0.009 and a market cap above $10.6 million USD.

(CVT Chart via CMC)

While the rest of the crypto markets are fairly greenish on the day, CVT values have surged. The high volatility level in the crypto space means that only time will tell if the altcoin can sustain this sporadic growth.

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