Cryptopia Exchange Hack Update: Police Investigation Reports Excellent Progress

The New Zealand Police has reported “excellent” progress in its quest to hunt down the person or group behind the January 15 cryptopia exchange hack.

The authorities say they are liaising with experts from around the world to track the movement of the stolen cryptocurrencies because of the public information available on public crypto blockchains.

So far, the NZP says that investigation into the hack “is progressing well and advancing on several fronts.”

Investigations around Cryptopia’s office property is expected to conclude on February 15.

What is Still Unknown About The Cryptopia Exchange Hack?

  1. The latest police report has not confirmed when investigations into the hack will end but instead cites that it will “take a considerable amount of time due to the complexity of the cyber environment.”
  2. The total amount of missing funds in cryptocurrencies is still unknown.  In earlier reports about the Cryptopia exchange hack, we quoted speculations that the missing funds were up to $16 million while last week, another update revealed that the hackers stole $180,000, 15 days after the main incident.

It is hoped that the recent “excellent progress” report by the New Zealand Police leads up to the identification of the men behind the crime and recovery of the missing cryptocurrencies.

If the NZP were to achieve that feat, then the state authority would be in the same category as Europol which helped the crypto community recover $11 million worth of IOTA tokens stolen by an unnamed U.K resident in early 2018.

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