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CryptoMood: Artificial Intelligence Enters Crypto Trading Arena

CryptoMood, a leading provider of cryptocurrency market data, has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that monitors and analyses the overwhelming majority of all cryptocurrency market information.

CryptoMood uses machine learning and natural language processing to track and make sense of data from thousands of different sources in real-time. A huge array of news, media, portals, chat groups, crypto exchanges, and social networks are continually monitored, processed and interpreted into a real-time updated report that details market fundamentals and market sentiment.

CryptoMood newfeed with sentiment

“CryptoMood is unique in the digital currency world because of the vast amount of different sources it analyzes in a real-time manner. Our AI completely transforms the understanding that traders have of market dynamics. There is nothing else like it in crypto,” says Filip Korbel, chief commercial officer (CCO) of CryptoMood.

CryptoMood tracks data 24/7 from:

  • Over 50,000 news and opinion sites
  • Major social media networks
  • Crypto exchanges
  • Whale wallet movements

Amir Mamaghani, CryptoMood CTO, says, “Humans cannot compete with machine learning when it comes to data processing efficiency. The digital nature of crypto means there is simply too much noise to get a complete picture of what’s going on. CryptoMood solves this problem entirely. The AI does the heavy lifting and provides a comprehensive market overview for traders and investors so they can make better trading decisions.”

Filip Korbel adds: “Markets are not always rational. We named our company CryptoMood because we also have a way to quantify market sentiment. Our systems can mathematically quantify and assess the attitudes and even the emotions that people express towards various cryptocurrencies. You can’t get a more complete picture than that.”

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