Crypto Twitter Raises $116K in Few Hours For 4-Year Old Cancer Patient

Few things in life are more pleasant than watching a community unite to offer relief to someone in need. The occasion becomes even more pleasant when such a community effort is coordinated within a few hours using censorship-resistant technology to receive payments from around the world.

In a recent development, a Twitter user has created a charity fund to help cover the expenses of his 4-year-old niece’s chemotherapy treatment. The fund solicited ETH donations to foot the little girl’s hospital bills.

The tweet gained traction within the crypto community on Twitter and in a few hours, over €82,000 ($116,000) worth of ETH was raised.

The fund has received donations as small as 0.01 ETH to as much as 15 ETH (the largest contribution), with the blockchain-based nature of the transactions allowing people to support the movement anonymously. At the time of writing, the address continues to receive new contributions in the form of ETH and other ERC-20 tokens.

Crypto Donations Not New

This is not the first time crypto charity funds have been created. On several occasions, these charity funds render emergency help to victims of circumstances.

For instance, earlier in 2020, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, created a charity fund geared toward providing assistance to Australians during a devastating bush fire. The fund was used to raise funds from willing donors to help the victims of the disaster. Binance launched the fund with a personal donation of $1 million worth of its native cryptocurrency, BNB.

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  • ethereumEthereum (ETH) $ 1,281.00 0.32%
  • bnbBNB (BNB) $ 290.00 1.77%
  • xrpXRP (XRP) $ 0.389169 3.33%
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