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Crypto Price Analysis: Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT).

Ethereum (ETH)

Three days ago, ETH crossed the $1,750 resistance level to get a new all-time high. It is worth noting that Ether continued its bullish run that seemed to end at the end of January. Following the new all-time high, the largest faced severe seller congestion that brought the price down to the $1,600 region. 

Today, ETH revisited its all-time high of $1,763 and got more traders to hope that it will pump more and probably cross the $1,770 resistance level and get a new ATH. All hope is not lost as various Indicators are pointing to a possible price breakout. At the time of writing, RSI is still on the rise, indicating that more traders are bullish.

Cardano (ADA)

ADA surged by 100% in the last seven days. Last week started bearish for Cardano as it started the week as low as $0.36 but retraced its steps to end the week with a gain of 91%. Evidently, last week was a bullish week for the fourth cryptocurrency by market cap. 

As the new week unfolds, there are various resistance levels to cross if Cardano is to continue its bullish run. As Cardano nears its previous ATH, traders are expecting the coin to test the $1 resistance level. Before testing the $1 resistance, ADA will have to make its way past the $0.7 resistance level. Additionally, the $0.8 and $0.9 resistance levels are strong resistance that if ADA flips may guarantee a shot at the $1 resistance level.

To continue the bullish run, ADA will also have to defend the $0.6 support level. From what played out last week, the $0.6 support level is not strong enough and will break once traders go bearish. The $0.5 resistance is still more promising and traders can hold that support level, it may guarantee the coin going back to $0.6.

Polkadot (DOT)

Few hours to the time of writing, DOT was trading a little above $20. At that time, MACD triggered a buy signal and traders bought the DOT. The result of this action is that action is a new all-time high for the fifth coin by market cap.

A few minutes to the time of writing, DOT hit a new ATH of $22.8. At the of writing, Polkadot is trading at $22.4, this is an indication that the coin is facing little bearish actions from traders. With the increase in DOT use case, the new ATH may not last long as traders will pump the coin to cross the all-time and create a new one.

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