Crypto OG Recalls Spending 880 Ether on a Date: ETH Was Worth Only $0.8 Then

There are so many untold stories of how early users lost or unwittingly spent cryptocurrencies that potentially would have been worth hundreds, or millions of dollars today.

Although the story of Laszlo Hanyecz who spent 10,000 BTC to buy Pizza remains the most significant today, a new story has emerged on Reddit by a man who had purchased 880 Ether (ETH) for around $0.8 (appr. $704 for the whole stack). Historical data shows that this may have been in 2015.

However, he maxed out his crypto accounts because he was going on a date, and had run out of cash to book a space at the prestigious, The Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin. Plans to replace the crypto holdings upon getting paid reportedly skipped his memory until the price of ETH started skyrocketing, and he remembered he hadn’t replaced the stack.

Going by today’s price ($203), 880 Ethers would be worth appr. $178, 472, an amount that many people would understandably be hesitant to spend on a date, irrespective of how wealthy they might be.

For instance, one of the comments on the ‘once-had’ Ethers story reads:

He was talking about one date night at a hotel? No matter the girl it’s not worth 880 eth imo. I could sacrifice it for a girl I already love but any girl I’ve just met or started dating would easily be gone for 880 eth.

Meanwhile, the narrator notes that the expensive date has seemingly paid off with him now engaged to the partner.

Yet, another early cryptocurrency holder recalled in the comments, having sold “200 ETH to pay the rent back in the day,” admitting that it’s better not thinking about those things.

One may argue given these experiences that any trade-off of cryptocurrencies even at its current prices could result in more ‘once-had’ stories in the future, even though past performance is no guarantee of future results.