Crypto Expo Vietnam Blockchain Event 2019 Holds November 9

The CryptoExpo is a part of Traders Fair Vietnam, the biggest event for traders and investors. CryptoExpo is a one-day panel session focused on the latest trends in the blockchain and crypto industry trends including cryptocurrency trading in general. The event is scheduled for November 9, 2019, and will hold at the Windsor Plaza Hotel, Hồ Chí Minh city, Vietnam.

The crypto market is quite a young market, so there are new tools and updates every day which makes it difficult to keep up with. Having a great experience in the field of traditional financial markets Finexpo as an organizer brings out experts from stock, forex, future markets to share their experience and to take part in discussions regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain.

This event hosts speakers from not just Vietnam but abroad to lead people into the industry and expand the cryptocurrency market. They will explain the principle of successful investment, tell what the investment tools are, share about the risks and highlight on how it can be used in the crypto market.

Crypto Expo Vietnam brings together around 2000 attendees: investors, analysts, crypto traders, business owners, top managers of crypto exchanges and everyone who deal with blockchain and cryptocurrencies on a daily basis.

Key panel topics:

  • Current situation and future predictions of cryptocurrency and blockchain;
  • What is the expected value of Altcoins for 2019 and beyond;
  • How to manage a cryptocurrency portfolio;
  • Exchanges – the main criteria for choosing an exchange for traders;
  • Rise of Crypto Derivatives: Market Demand and Trading Strategies;
  • New products and services for investors.

You can find more topics on the website.

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