Crypto 300 Club Review: Scam or Legit? Here’s What We Found Out

The Crypto 300 club scheme is likely a scam. The mouthwatering package of Crypto 300 Club, as advertised on different social media platforms, has prompted several traders to show interest in the project. Despite the proposed opportunities that users could benefit from, investors are still facing lots of challenges while using the Crypto 300 Club platform. 

Not all crypto investors have access to the right information about the market. Many are still inexperienced and are in search of projects that offer better incentives than others without minding if there is a red flag about the firm or not.

In this Crypto 300 Club review, Coinfomania has highlighted what Crypto 300 Club is all about and whether it would be able to deliver on its promises, etc., in order to guide investors in deciding whether to join them or not. 

Overview of Crypto 300 Club

Crypto 300 Club is a platform that requires investors to purchase its “crypto packs” for a minimum amount of $10, which is later traded on the crypto market with the profit shared among members based on their contributions. There is no limit to the number of crypto packs members can acquire. 

According to the project, investors can earn a minimum of 150% interest on their investments, with a daily ROI of 1% on perpetual rates.

There is no description to specify the details of the project, such as the founders of the project, where its headquarters is located, if it has an operating license, etc.

All that is flooded on the platform is the mouthwatering interest rates that are available to investors should they choose to invest with them. This goes to show how desperate the project is in luring more investors who are poised to make massive returns. 

Further investigations carried out on the platform show that Crypto 300 Club’s website domain was privately registered on July 15th, 2018, which makes it difficult to know who owns the platform. The Crypto 300 Club clearly states that it is a “licensed clone of Ad Click Xpress,” a Ponzi scheme that offers users $10 advertising packs in exchange for massive profits. Ad Click Xpress was established in 2013 and has made significant progress over its course of existence. 

However, a quick search on the Alexa web ranking tool shows Ad Click’s number of visitors has decreased significantly. This implies that the Crypto 300 Club establishment is just one of the many antics deployed by the founders of Ad Click to increase patronage for its dying business. 

Benefits of Crypto 300 Club 

Right from the start, we have tried to make the Crypto 300 Club review unbiased. Even though there are a lot of red flags about the project, the project still offers some exciting packages. 

Inexpensive Entry

The Crypto 300 Club has designed the onboarding process for new members to be more convenient and less expensive. Before a new member can join the platform, an affiliate member will need to refer the intended member via his or her referral link. Upon clicking the link, the user will be required to provide just a few details, including their email and first name. After the registration is successful, users can start their investment with only $10 and reap from their lucrative interest rates. 

Enticing Interest Rates

Every trader is focused on making massive returns off their investments, as it is the ultimate goal of investing in the first place. Crypto 300 Club offers users the opportunity to earn mouthwatering interest rates on their investments. The firm has stated that its users can earn a minimum of 150% annual ROI.    

Referral Bonus

Crypto 300 Club understands that users who have taken out time to source for new members need to be compensated to motivate more members to participate in its referral program. The form of compensation available on the Crypto 300 Club allows affiliate members to earn a percentage on new users’ investments. It is allotted based on the level of existing users’ such as:  

  • Level 1 – 10%
  • Levels 2 – 5%
  • Levels 3 – 2%

Pitfalls of The Club

As discussed earlier, despite the enticing benefits of using Crypto 300 Club, the project still has lots of red flags that could deter potential investors from using them, and they include: 

No Proper Regulation

One thing online financial investors need to take note of is to verify whether the operations of a firm are regulated before patronizing them. This is to help them recover their funds should, in case things go south. It is mandatory for any investment firm anywhere in the world to register with the appropriate financial regulator on the basis of its operation. 

However, the Crypto 300 Club project is not operating under the purview of a recognized government authority. Thus, the operators of the scheme can afford to do anything to investors without being checked. 

No Detailed Information About The Team Members

The operators of the club’s platform failed to showcase any of its team members. The idea behind displaying a firm’s team members is to help users verify the authenticity of the firm as they can go through the profiles of members on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, among others. This does not indicate that members of the team are showing that the firm is trying to cover their tracks. 

Poor Customer Support System 

Crypto 300 Club has poor customer support service. It is almost inevitable for users not to encounter any issues while using the platform as there is very little information to guide users. 

The firm only has just one LiveChat widget as its communication channel to service its more than 44,000 users, which functions from 12:00 to 18:00 GMT on weekdays. 

Final Thoughts: Is Crypto 300 Club a Scam?

Although the project seems focused on making its operations anonymous, including keeping users’ identity discreet, information about the company’s background should be clearly stated for verification purposes. If indeed the firm is legit, as it wants investors to believe, its operations should be made transparent to the public. 

In addition, since the Club is a financial organization, they should get their business registered with a reputable monetary authority within a region. Before they address all these concerns, investors are advised to tread carefully while investing with the Crypto 300 Club.

We hope this Crypto 300 Club Review helps you make the best decision on whether or not to invest your money with the platform.

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