Did Craig Wright Just Show Once Again That He Didn’t Invent Bitcoin?

Since Craig S. Wright declared himself as Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, and failed at the first attempt to confirm his identity via a blockchain proof, he has received a fair share of criticism from the cryptocurrency community.

Well, that criticism may not stop any time soon, with this latest information that argues his status as Bitcoin’s creator, seen on Twitter.

As per a conversation on metanet Slack (a community for BitcoinSV proponents), Craig Wright reportedly proposed a feature of a payment-focused cryptocurrency that will potentially change the original feature of BitcoinSV transactions.

The suggestion notably involved the creation of a wallet ideal for merchant use, that would be able to split coins once they’re received, with the same wallet also featuring the use of more than a single public key.

Clearly, while the proposal looks nice on the surface, the point of interest is that Bitcoin’s supposed creator suggested an improvement that was integrated on the Bitcoin network as Bitcoin Payment Protocol (BIP70) since 2013.

While critics may argue about the privacy-related features of the BIP70 protocol integration, the very manner of Craig Wright’s comment suggests he knows very little about the possibility of creating the kind of wallet addresses needed for micro merchant payments.

In fact, even payment-focused cryptocurrency DASH supports the micropayments feature which Craig Wright had just proposed for BitcoinSV.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that Craig Wright’s self-proclaimed status as Bitcoin creator is called into question either for a technical or trivial reason. In August 2019, he allegedly tried to falsify documents regarding a supposedly old paper document he wrote about a system that would resemble Bitcoin back in 2007

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