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Cowen Inc. Says Walmart’s Crypto will Generate Less Political Opposition

The American multinational investment bank, Cowen Inc. suggests the Walmart proposed cryptocurrency effort will generate less political opposition than Facebook Libra Coin, Bloomberg reported.

Cowen noted that Walmart’s crypto might specifically appeal to Democrats who seek for possible alternatives for people who do not usually use the bank services.

Low-income households that find banking expensive may have another option to handle wealth at an institution that can supply the majority of their day-to-day financial and product needs.

The senior policy analyst at Cowen, Jaret Seiberg wrote that the coin may resemble a stored value card and would be equally pegged to the United States dollar. 

Despite the fact that the coin doesn’t share the same “global intentions” with Facebook’s Libra, the launching, however, doesn’t seem imminent after a Walmart spokesman said on Friday that the retailer has no plans to use the patent it applied for immediately, Seiberg said.

The coin is said to differ a little from any rechargeable gift cards as consumers perhaps, will give cash to Walmart in exchange for Walmart’s coin equal to the amount deposited, which could then be spent at the store.

“Even so, if Walmart were to proceed with a digital offering, it could be seen as a threat to small banks and credit unions and is unlikely to be given a free pass from Congress,” the analyst added.

In recent times, Walmart announced, it applied for a cryptocurrency patent. Noting that, it is laying the groundwork to create its own “cryptocurrency.” Its move to license a blockchain-based stablecoin variant generates speculation, whether Walmart is trying to compete with Facebook Libra.

Starting the digital offering will trigger congressional hearings and would likely generate more criticism than praise “given overall doubts on Capitol Hill about digital coins,” the report reads.

However, the analyst doesn’t expect lawmakers would stop Walmart.

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