ConsenSys and Coursera Launch New Blockchain Course

Blockchain startup ConsenSys and online learning platform Coursera have partnered to launch a new blockchain course for students.

Titled “Blockchain: Foundations and Use cases,” the new course will help students get basic knowledge about the technology. It also considers how the technology is reshaping many industries around the globe.

Coursera claims that the blockchain course is for anyone who simply wants to gain knowledge about blockchain, even those who lack technical education. Employment opportunity in blockchain is expected to rise in the coming years, and a basic knowledge of the technology can be a huge advantage to job seekers.

Enrolment for the courses is currently ongoing. At the completion of the course, learners will earn a certificate from ConsenSys Academy.

Global Educational Institutions Adding Blockchain Courses

Cryptocurrencies and its underlying blockchain technology have clearly grown from an unknown phenomenon to mainstream adoption. The biggest industries around the world are queuing in, and the educational institutions will not be left out.

A study by Coinbase last month revealed that 42% of the top 50 universities are offering at least one course related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Institutions based in the United States recorded the highest interest in the technology.

Also in August, Malta, Turkey, and South Korea also launched blockchain and DLT-related educational programs in order to equip the next generation with skills needed to participate in the fast-evolving industry.

Turkey established its first university-level blockchain research center. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School received a $20 million blockchain research grant. Malta announced a new scholarship fund worth $351,000 for blockchain related courses.

Earlier this week, Linux foundation also launched a new advanced training course for Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology. Blockchain education in the mainstream will undoubtedly be one of the dominant forces to the encourage global adoption of the technology.

Blockchain technology is going everywhere!

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