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CoinePro Review – A Trusted Broker For Crypto Trading

For online trading, there are hundreds of companies offering online trading websites for their customers. The benefit of these online trading platforms is that one can invest money irrespective of country or place of residency. Moreover, these sites are not only made for one particular asset, but these are having hundreds of trading instruments.

But the question arises that which platform is suitable for your having all the required features that you need. That particular broker must have a strong security model for the protection of deposit money from any kind of hacking attack.

You don’t need to worry about what to choose from hundreds of online brokerage platforms, as you will learn in this article about a reliable multi-asset broker CoinePro.

Review Content

  • What is CoinePro?
  • Wide Variety of Trading Instruments
  • Account Types
  • Trading Platforms
  • How to Start with CoinePro?
  • Special Tools of CoinePro
  • Professional Team Backs the Company
  • Is it a Legit Broker?
  • Conclusion

What is CoinePro?

CoinePro is the best choice for European traders and investors as it is a leading brokerage platform in the European markets. However, CoinePro provides an opportunity for users to invest in a wide range of trading instruments, but it is specialized CFDs and Forex trading.

Besides Forex and CFDs, the company is also offering trading of shares, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The familiarity of CoinePro is not just dedicated to instruments, but it also has distinctive features that you will not find on any other trading platform.

You will come across unique tools and resource material to make your trading journey safe and profitable. These tools consist of Economic Calendar, Risk Managements, Traders Guide, Rating of Central Banks, Currency Converter, and Forex Converter. After logging into the site, you will see more things, such as different account types and top-notch trading platforms.

Your trading experience will be extraordinary as advanced trading platforms are employed by the company for the execution of winning trades. You will be given a choice to pick one investment plan out of three different trading accounts: Micro, Standard, and Premium Account.

Wide Variety of Trading Instruments

CoinePro makes it easy for every investor by listing all kinds of instruments on the site. It means you don’t have to go for different places to trade particular assets and will find everything on the broker. For example, for cryptocurrency, there are crypto exchanges, and for forex pairs, there are forex exchanges.

But on the other hand, CoinePro is serving as a versatile broker exposing you to a wide variety. These instruments include shares, indices, metals, commodities, metals, forex, and cryptocurrency. With the help of a professional financial advisor, you can build a perfect portfolio by selecting profitable assets from the list.


By owing the shares, you become the owner of a small portion of the company. People recommend shares for the long-term because companies grow in years, not in weeks or months. Before investing in shares, you should do a comprehensive fundamental analysis that makes you aware of the market position.

As the economy of a country grows, the corporates established in the country also grow, which increased the price of the corporates’ shares. You must know about all these things before you pick up any share to include in the portfolio. The broker list shares of famous companies around the world.


Forex market is known for its high liquidity as thousands of traders are exchanging one currency with others at a given time. You can earn a lot of profit from the forex pairs by indicating and then executing trades immediately. You can make enough money even in the bearish markets, but it depends on your level of experience or knowledge of forex.

The dedicated section for educational resource material can hone your trading skills. CoinePro provides a golden opportunity to invest money in famous forex pairs, including AUDUSD, USDCAD, AUDCAD, AUDEUR, AUDGBP, and many others. Most of the forex pairs are against European currencies. The forex exchange market remains open for 24 hours and five days a week.


In commodities, CoinePro is also offering prominent instruments known for their high return ratio. These include oil, agriculture products, and precious metals such as gold. You can also trade CFD on a wide list of commodities such as metals, soft commodities, and hard commodities. The most interesting thing is that there is no insurance cost for commodities, and tight spreads of CoinePro make it more unique and distinctive.


The trading of cryptocurrency is highly beneficial for those who take high risks. This is because the volatility of digital assets is very high which results in high profit. However, this may also result in a loss in case of sudden price dumping. You may not need to go for a crypto exchange as the broker is also offering top digital assets for the investors, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Tether, and many others.


An Index in the trading world is the measurement of the group of shares of a particular broker or an exchange. The trading of indices can make you rich in less time but it demands high experience on the part of traders. For this purpose, the expert advisor of the company gives you free financial bits of advice about how to make successful trades. The world top indices are present on the platform of CoinePro.


The metals are sometimes used as a hedging investment when other assets are making downward movements. The precious metals behave differently as compared to other instruments. When inflation is high, people prefer to include metals in their portfolios. You can find all tradable metals on the site.

Account Types

CoinePro is flexible and versatile in the sense that it provides three different account types for three different categories of traders. Those who have low knowledge about the trading world can go for the basic account. The professional gurus in the sector can opt for the premium account from which they

can invest in thousands of dollars. The detail about these investment plans is given below which you must know before opening an account.

Micro Account

Micro account is first in the list having all basic functionalities needed for trading. The beginners in the trading sector have low knowledge and may get problems if invest big money on assets.

The company takes care of the customers, and to comfort new babies, they present an investment plan having a low deposit limit. With this account, the leverage is fixed up to 200 times, making it a charming offer for beginners.

A personal manager is hired by CoinePro for the beginners to guide them in their trading voyage. Moreover, users can enjoy many unique features such as news feed, financial calendar, and many others.

Standard Account

This account comes with more facilities than the Micro account. The company recommends people to open this account because it can serve both new as well as professional customers. Due to the versatility of the Standard account, it is the most popular one on the platform. You can open this account for $5,000. This is the minimum limit and you can deposit more than $5,000 if you want to.

After opening the Standard account, you will be eligible to avail up to a 25% welcome bonus. The leverage on instruments may go to 300 times if you are a Standard account holder. The minimum lot size is appointed as 0.5, which is a satisfactory lot size. Other facilities include static spread, Optima trading platform, personal manager, a news feed, access to master partial, and financial calendar.

Premium Account

The title of the account shows that it is a premium one, having an extensive list of extraordinary features for the investors. To open the premium account, the minimal deposit limit is large, which stands at $50,000. The more you invest the more you gain chances of earning a profit of trading top instruments on the broker. The welcome bonus is increased by up to 50% on the premium investment model, and one can get leverage up to 400. These two particular premium benefits make this account distinctive from the previous two accounts. The minimum lot size is positioned at 1, which is the best lot size. The functionalities of the previous accounts are also present, such as personal manager, Optima trading platform, a news feed, financial calendar, and access to Masters Partial.

Trading Platforms

For gaining profit, the users need to make trades that result in a high return on investment. Before the execution of any trade or investment, one should do a thorough analysis: fundamental and technical. If you are investing in the short-term, you have to do the technical analysis to understand the behavior and pattern of a particular asset in a given period of time. The prediction for the future price is made on the basis of efficient tools and indicators.

The trading platform of CoinePro- Optima- comes with unlimited trading indicators and tools. These technical tools aid in doing absolute technical analysis for price prediction. The smooth process of trade execution also makes Optima stunning for users. The user-friendly customization of the trading platform gives traders a sense of satisfaction.

The company has also managed to provides a complete set of trading services on your desktop or mobile device via Mobile Trader and Web Trader. It does not matter whether you are at home or out of your home, you can access the trading site via your mobile phone. The advanced technology and cutting-edge front-end bestow a sense of professionalism to users.

How to Start with CoinePro?

If you want to become an official member of the CoinePro, there is a simple procedure consisting of two to three simple steps. After giving the needed information, you can officially start trading on the broker. Anyone can open an account with the brokerage firm without any external aid or assistance.

Register Yourself

The foremost thing is the entrance of the user into the site. For this, you will have to go through a brief registration process. The registration form will open in front of you, having empty boxes. These empty boxes will be filled by you with relevant information. You are required to provide basic information about yourself, such as first name, last name, email address, residential address, residential postal code, country of residency, and phone number. In the end, one will have to create a password and can choose the currency for the account. Only two currencies- USD and EURO- are available.

Select the Account Type for You

After the registration procedure, you will need to choose an account type or an investment plan. The company has offered three different account types: micro, standard, and premium. These accounts are having different features and are having different minimum deposit limits. The new babies in the trading field can join the micro account. Someone who is having trading experience of years can go for the premium one. The company recommends the standard account for users as it can serve customers with its unique facilities.

Deposit Money

Once you select the investment account, you are now ready to deposit the amount for trading. You will deposit money according to the fixed minimal limit for the account. However, you can deposit more amount than the fixed amount if you want to. The deposit and withdrawal process has complied with AML and KYC policies in an attempt to secure customer funds. When you make deposits, the platform will give permission to utilize the trading services of the brokerage firm.

Start Trading

You are now at the final stage where you can invest your money on different trading objects, including stocks, shares, indices, metals, commodities, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. The personal manager or financial expert can aid you in making a perfectly balanced portfolio. The more you list effective instruments in your portfolio, the more you can earn a return on your investment.

Special Tools of CoinePro

Why do so many investors work with CoinePro? The answer to the question is very simple as it comes up with quirky trading solutions. In addition to trading services, the brokerage firm also equips users with efficient tools.

Economic Calendar

When you are doing a fundamental analysis of any particular asset, you should know about the news and announcements related to the parent company. The upcoming events are also important to know about in which direction the game is going. The economy of the country also plays a very important role in determining the price values of shares, stocks, and indices. CoinePro provides the latest alerts to the site users about the announcements and news in the trading world.

Risk Management

The trading gurus know all about how to prevent from any loss by using the special technique and tactics. They use strategies for risk management so that the loss will be negligible. The brokerage firm added risk management techniques for both professionals as well as beginners. There are ‘stop-loss’ and ‘stop-limit’ orders, which you can execute to minimize the risk of losing. However, these types of orders do not guarantee that the orders will stop where you have set the price. For this purpose, the guaranteed stop and trailing stop assist traders in executing winning trades.

Trading Guide

The section “Trading Guide” is a resource section for CoinePro users’ education. The guide tutorials include comprehensive details and knowledge about the trading of instruments. Additionally, they also present the most effective trading strategies. The trading guide section of the broker includes intro videos, advanced in-depth courses, financial knowledge, detailed course, trading video tutorials, and platform usage tutorials.

Rating of Central Banks

The rating of central banks can tell you about the interest rates of the central banks across the world. This will tell you about the current economic conditions of any country which in turn help you at the time of investment. The platform lists the current rates, as well as the dates on which the change occurs. You will find the overall data about central banks in Europe Asia-Pacific region, North America, South America, and South Africa.

Currency and Forex Converter

The currency and forex converter help you out in accounting. You can plan your investment money by using currency and forex converters. These tools make you aware of the latest rates of currencies in the international markets.

Professional Team Backs the Company

CoinePro is the product of a professional team, comprised of experienced traders and finance scientists, and expert developers.

According to the company, there are 180 team members that are working day and night to serve customers. As 180 professional staff members are serving the company, you will not have any difficulty in using any service. In case of any problem or confusion, you can contact the support team of the broker.

Is it a Legit Broker?

More than 1400 investors are currently members of the brokerage firm. Such a big number assure the reliability and legitimacy of the company. The users’ comments about the platform are also satisfactory, which makes sure that it is the best trading place for investors and traders.

The broker is regulated from the regulatory bodies, and the regulation from the European bodies declares it an outclass platform for European users. CoinePro has also complied with the KCY (Know your Customer) and AML (Anti-money Laundering) policies. The built-in advanced technology covers the fund wallet with strong security layers.


CoinePro is one of the leading trading platforms having the capability to serve traders and investors in making a handsome profit on their investments. According to the company, its annual profit is more than $250 million, which tells us about the trusted nature and reliability of the CoinePro.


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