Alt Fear? DASH Records Mild 5% Gains Amid News of Coinbase Listing

We’ve watched several altcoins including Ripple (XRP) hit near double digit gains or even more following announcement of a listing on popular U.S crypto exchange, Coinbase. 

The situation, however, is different for Dash (DASH), the payments focused cryptocurrency ranked 16th on Coinmarketcap’s list of largest cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase announced Thursday that it will allow users to deposit, buy, and sell Dash on its Pro platform starting from Monday September 16 at 10am PST, although the new listing is not yet available to users in New York and the United Kingdom. 

The news without a doubt had an effect on the value of Dash, although not as massive as many would have expected. Dash moved from $82 to just above $89 within the last 24, before dropping to around $87 per coin at press time. 

That mild increase perhaps highlights the current trend in a crypto market where most crypto holders are deep balls in Bitcoin and putting less faith in altcoins as they have somehow remained in crisis for a majority of the year. 

Meanwhile, the listing of Dash on Coinbase pro continues the altcoin’s journey to consolidate its position among the top cryptocurrencies and possibly open up the opportunity for it to get listed on other U.S exchanges. 

As Coinfomania reported recently, Dash (DASH) made the list of 30 cryptocurrencies that will potentially list on Binance US, the new United States focus of leading crypto exchange Binance which opens for user registration on September 18.