Sponsoring The Chingari Star Event Brings Significant Exposure To KuCoin Across India


Becoming a household name in regions where regulators have yet to create a framework for cryptocurrency is a challenge. However, for global crypto exchange KuCoin, it creates new opportunities. Together with Chingari, the company will organize the Chingari Star event, bringing more positive attention to the cryptocurrency industry. 

Chingari Star Featuring KuCoin

The ongoing Chingari Star event across India aims to reward participants and voters alike. A prize pool valued at two crores has been allocated for this event, powered by the $GARI token. KuCoin is the exclusive sponsor of the event, and both companies aim to find India’s next big star through this competition. Anyone can participate by following a few simple steps and playing by the rules.

The Chingari Star competition invites the general public to weigh in on which videos they like the most. All participants must upload five videos during the competition – between February 15 and March 15 – and collect as many votes as possible. Moreover, the involvement of KuCoin marks an exciting development for the cryptocurrency industry in India.

Users who want to participate in the Chingari Star competition need to download the Chingari application for iOS or Android. After completing the in-app profile, users can begin to upload videos right away. With just five videos to be uploaded per user, it is crucial to make smart choices. Moreover, adhering to the contest’s rules is essential, as tricksters will be removed from the program right away. 

As an exclusive sponsor of the contest KuCoin will also launch a giveaway event with a total pool of $20,000 in GARI to be distributed among the users in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

A Big Boon for KuCoin in India

As the exclusive sponsor of the Chingari Event, KuCoin is on track to become a household name. The company has a dedicated Facebook page for Indian users, with over 1,300 people following the page already. The Chingari Star competition could introduce exponential growth for the company, despite the lack of a clear regulatory framework for cryptocurrency in India.

Moreover, KuCoin has marked India as a key region to explore new opportunities. This is because India has a growing population, most of whom have access to smartphones and the KuCoin trading platform. Moreover, a strong expansion into India would help the company continue its dominant growth noted in 2021. KuCoin has over 10 million customers across 207 countries and regions. 

KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu comments:

“This event is an exciting venue that not only encourages young talent to show itself and gain recognition but also gives a decentralized industry a chance of proving how convenient it is to earn rewards and cash them out.”

The decision to sponsor the Chingari Star contest is a solid one. Chingari became the dominant social media application on the Google Play store in late 2021, surpassing Instagram. With over 32 million daily active users, the platform and its contest can provide tremendous exposure for KuCoin and the broader cryptocurrency industry. Chingari’s $GARI token, built on Solana, trades on KuCoin and notes a strong trading volume in the GARi/USD pair. Ku

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