Chinese Government Looks To Adopt Blockchain Technology For Social Services

In line with efforts to track donations made to charity in China, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has revealed that it is thinking of adopting blockchain technology to bring greater transparency to the public donations by 2020.

According to a publication made available on the ministry’s official website yesterday, plans have been made to use the blockchain technology in social service activities, which is slated to span from 2018 to 2020.

The project which is tagged “the internet + Civil service action plan,” illustrates a plan to use blockchain technology to manage, store, and share large data more securely and efficiently. This is just the same with other application of Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) in other sectors.

Summary Of The Plan

The ministry drew out a framework for the period in which the project would last. There are six categories on the list with the first involving an outline of basic principles that would guide the project.

The second action involves the promotion of internet technology and the ways the government provides essential amenities for her citizens, thereby leading to the professionalism of social services as the third plan on the list.

This would see an in-depth application of DLT in the collection, storage, and sharing of large chunks of data.

Other plans involve the promotion of voluntary service while the fifth plan involves fundraising activities to offer more charitable services to the masses.

Adoption of Blockchain Technology in Charity Sector

In a bid to effectively raise funds for the project, the ministry has notified other government agencies of its intention to integrate the blockchain technology into their existing database to collate the information of citizens.

Once successful, whenever an individual makes a donation, the details of the contribution will be made public and shared through a distributed network. This would help the public to see the progress made so far, and to curb the corrupt practices experienced in the past.

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