Chinese Communist Party Releases New Blockchain Book to Educate Government Officials

Blockchain technology has left some notable marks across several industries but literacy programs about the “second internet” remain below par.

To this respect, the China communist party announced the release of a new blockchain literacy book through the People’s Daily publishing house on Monday. According to a report from the local news outlet, the book is titled “Blockchain – A Guide for Officials” and is designed “to help leading officials at all levels understand the blockchain.”

The blockchain book does not only cover the origin and features of the technology but also discusses its current and future applications, as well as the challenges it could bring to the business and legal world. “Blockchain – A Guide for Officials” is said to have “both theoretical and in-depth discussions” and features many article sections written by some well-known leaders in the China tech scape.

According to the report, Zhang Huayu, founding chairman of Danhua Capital, Duan Yongchao, chief strategy officer of Caixin Media Group, Zhang Xuguang, President of Zhejiang Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion Association, and Xue Jingzhong of Hangzhou Investment Management Partner wrote some articles in the book.

Ye Zhenzhen, who heads the People’s Daily Network, writes in the book:

“The biggest impact of blockchain lies in its operation mechanism … which seeks to achieve consensus as a way to govern a community. It offers us a brand new angle to think about and resolve different problems.”

Call for blockchain literacy

There is little doubt that, a sound knowledge of blockchain technology and its mode of operation will be crucial to the development of the industry in any country that is pushing for widespread adoption.

The latest effort by the Chinese Communist Party will serve as wake-up call for public officials who have ignored the new edge technology and will complement other efforts made by local blockchain startups to create blockchain awareness in the country.

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