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Barstool Sports Founder David Portnoy Wants to “Buy All The Bitcoins”

David Scott Portnoy, an American internet celebrity, blogger, and founder of the sports and pop culture blog Barstool Sports earlier today in a video on his Twitter page, extended an invitation to Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

The internet celebrity mentioned that he wants the famous US-based Bitcoin personalities, fondly known as the Winklevoss twins to his office to explain the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency to him.

The Barstool Sports CEO who is known for his frivolous attitude towards Bitcoin mentioned in a tweet that he would “buy all Bitcoins” if the Winklevoss twins would accept his invitation and they did take the invitation. 

Portnoy mentioned his challenges with the Bitcoin network and why he doesn’t want to invest in Bitcoin.

He stated that he doesn’t understand the complicated nature of the Bitcoin system and how it works with regards to keeping your Bitcoin safe with the hard wallet. He doesn’t know how to buy Bitcoin, doesn’t understand the complicated “martian language” involved in hardware wallet password formation. 

Portnoy also mentioned that he is not in support of the risks involved in keeping the hardware wallet safe and the possible loss of one’s funds if the hardware wallet gets stolen or get lost.

David Portnoy also revealed how he got into Bitcoin in its original age but lost his Bitcoin investment worth 20 grand ($20,000). But he also mentioned that he is willing to buy Bitcoin in the stock exchange if only someone would give him a more lucid understanding.

Besides, Portnoy compared BTC mining to the iconic arcade game Mario Bros and claimed that the Winklevoss twins controlled the whole system. 

Although it wasn’t stated why he chose the Winklevoss twins out of all other bitcoin holders, we sure know that he “actually kind of like them” and he is a fan of their movie as he termed them “the best cast characters in the history movie (and) the social network.” 


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