Zilliqa CEO Targets Broader Commercialization of the Zilliqa Blockchain 


Colin Miles, the Chief Commercial Officer and co-CEO of popular blockchain project Zilliqa, in an interview today revealed a broader commercialization plan of the Zilliqa project throughout this year. 

According to Miles, Zilliqa will tokenize assets across various sectors, such as health, real estate, and marketing technology, adding that the firm may delve into other areas with promising potentials in the coming months. 

In addition, the firm hopes to continue its stablecoin initiative, which began last year that gave birth to the development of the first Singapore dollar-pegged stablecoin (XGSD). 

The initiative, which was built using the Scilla smart contract language, saw the blockchain firm partner with Southeast Asian fintech payments platform, Xfers. 

Notably, both firms may continue developing yet another stablecoin in the form of Indonesian Rupiah (XIDR) in the second phase of the partnership. 

“We look forward to powering the Indonesian rupiah-pegged asset $XIDR in this next stage of our partnership,” Miles disclosed. 

Miles added that the firm would also further its SocialPay program, an initiative that issues Zil tokens to users of popular microblogging platform Twitter, for engaging with the Zilliqa project. 

Despite being launched to give more people exposure to cryptocurrencies, SocialPay is considered as a game-changer for Zilliqa, contributing to its brand visibility and community building of the project. 


Zilliqa has outlined five important keys, including Retail, Staking, Finance, Solutions, and Investments, to drive the blockchain project to greater heights this year.

As per the interview, Miles stated that Zilliqa would combine the five keys to achieve its so-called ‘#Zilocity’ objective. 

Zilocity, according to Miles, is the widespread adoption and usage of the project’s native cryptocurrency Zil across diverse industries. 

Furthermore, Zilocity will also prompt the everyday awareness of the Zilliqa project, positioning it at the forefront of the global blockchain industry, Miles added. 

Zilliqa’s continuous development has not gone unnoticed in the past, as the project has received recognition from a reputable government agency like China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID).  

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