BRITS Paying For Lockdown Parties With Bitcoin: But This Isn’t About Bitcoin

In a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), governments have enforced lockdown restrictions in some countries worldwide to discourage large gatherings like parties. 

However, a Tuesday report revealed that some Brits are organizing massive illegal raves across the United Kingdom. One of these raves, also known in the underground scene as “forest parties,” is currently being promoted for a July 31 and August 8 event by a London Rave Services group.

Tickets for these two events are being sold on social media platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp groups, Instagram, and private Facebook for a sum of £5 ($6.44) in Bitcoin. The July 31 event fee would cover a host of services like a COVID-19 safety station offering hand sanitizer and face masks, cleaners, and security patrols.

Due to the illegality and secrecy of the events, organizers haven’t revealed the location of the events yet. But a direct message would be sent to customers who have paid before the date of the event. 

This rave would not be the first as the report also mentions a host of rave parties organized in the past in areas including London, Manchester, Leeds, Staffordshire, and Bristol. Some of these parties the police have raided, arrested offenders, and seized articles like cars and controlled drugs. 

One particular rave party, along with other illegal events, is also advertised on social media for September and beyond. This rave party is more like a reenactment of a mid-1980s rave scene and, like other rave parties, with a classified location. 

Not Just Bitcoin

The report described Bitcoin as “a cryptocurrency favored by hackers and organized criminals” because customers of the rave party pay £5 in Bitcoin. But Bitcoin has nothing to do with such illegal parties since payment was not only made in Bitcoin. 

According to a screenshot from one of the Telegram channel for payment instructions, as shown below, members can also pay using PayPal

Ravers are directed to a WhatsApp group for instructions on how to pay for illicit tickets using the cryptocurrency Bitcoin