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Brave Partners NYIAX to Promote Blockchain-based Advertisement

NYIAX, one of the world’s most active upfront marketplace and advanced contract management exchange by volume and users, has partnered with Brave Software, the developers of blockchain and privacy-focused browser Brave, to connect advertisers and consumers in a way that ensures personal choice is at optimal consideration and new privacy legislation are duly respected.

Announcing the partnership today, Brave explained that brand advertisers in NYIAX’s upfront marketplace will now be able to reserve or buy future inventory options that will ensure them access to Brave users who have opted in to see the promotions and receive rewards through Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) system.

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Moreso, the alliance will enable Brave to gain more revenue opportunities as well as striking guaranteed upfront deals with NYIAX’s buyer partners. Brave’s features of making consumers get rewarded for their attention, providing consumers with the ability to prioritize preferences and opt in to privacy-respecting ads based on their interest will boost the outcome of the partnership’s goal. 

Brave has been progressing with its privacy-first approach and has impressed Carolina Abenante, founder of NYIAX with its advancements.

“The Brave NYIAX partnership is going to teach the entire industry the true value of the next generation of consumer advertising — a future in which the consumer dictates the personal value of advertisements in his, her or their world and plays a much more transactional role in the value exchange,” she said.

CEO and co-founder of Brave, Brendan Eich, also commented on the development saying:

“The announcement of this partnership with NYIAX showcases the value of our model to advertisers and publishers. Brave has always been a champion of personal privacy, and we believe in the power of rewarding user attention and participation. Through our partnership with NYIAX, advertisers will now see the value in using the power of blockchain to put users in charge of their experience, and to fix the lack of transparency and trust that currently hurts the advertising industry.” 

They also informed that advertisers can now purchase inventories on a guaranteed, upfront basis from Brave via NYIAX in the same way they make other purchases.

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