Brave Launches Tor Onion Service to Further Secure Access on Its Browser

Privacy-focused browser Brave has launched its own Tor Onion Service to provide more users with secure access to Brave.

The company continues to ensure that it provides complete security and privacy for those using its browser. In 2018, Brave integrated Tor into its browser to provide more privacy for users on the device and network.

The Tor private window protects users from Internet Service Providers (ISPs), public WiFi, and visited websites spying, tracking, or collecting users’ data.

Brave’s new Tor onion service further enhances its already-encrypted traffic while safeguarding users’ metadata like their real location.

“This was desired for a few reasons, foremost of which was to be able to reach users who could be in a situation where learning about and retrieving the Brave browser is problematic,” Brave said, providing a step by step guide on how users can set up their own onion service. 

Brave protecting crypto users

Since its launch, Brave has been protecting cryptocurrency users. Just last month, the privacy-focused browser introduced new adding anti-phishing solutions by collaborating with cybersecurity firm PhishFort. The move was to prevent phishing attacks, which are common in the crypto space. 

Coinfomania has reported severally that crypto users continue to lose their funds to phishing attacks, with the most recent one being the Fake Uniswap Google ad that steals the seedphrases of unsuspecting users who wish to trade on Uniswap.

In another report in June, a man suffered a phishing attack and lost a total of 12 BTC, which he claimed was all the Bitcoin he has been stashing for years.

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