Blockchain Streaming Platforms: What’s The Difference Between Chainflix and DTube?

Blockchain technology is disrupting the entertainment industry as it helps solve problems like unequal distribution of content and unfair compensation. Today, we’ll compare two fast-rising blockchain streaming platforms – Chainflix and DTube – to find out which one is right for your streaming needs.

What is Chainflix?

Although still a need kid on the block, Chainflix describes itself as a video streaming platform for users, providing them the opportunity to engage in different ways.  Users could become content creators, enhancers, or storage providers while earning incentives via cryptocurrencies. You get to decide how you want to participate in the process and you will have different experiences and abilities to earn coins depending on exactly how you interact.

Chainflix offers both blockchain and P2P streaming, which offers users more security, benefits, and other exciting features. You can engage by creating different types of content, by reviewing content, and by enhancing content. And that’s going to allow you to have the freedom to showcase where your skills truly lie and make money in the process. All of this is going to help you and everyone else on the blockchain system to earn rewards for participating in the community.

Participants on Chainflix

Content viewers: Viewers are those who wish to watch videos on Chainflix. These people earn coins for watching content on the platform. And they can earn even more coins by watching some ads – this is optional. 

Content creators: These individuals get to do what they do best, create content. And they get to earn some rewards for their efforts. This helps to encourage them to continue creating and publishing more interesting content on the platform. The more content they create, the more coins they will earn. 

Content enhancers: These are users who take the content that has been created and make it even better or more user friendly. They may add subtitles, solutions, dubbing, and many other functionalities. Enhancers make sure that the viewers are interested in watching the videos, thus encouraging them to keep coming back for more.

Advertisers: Advertisers earn coins when viewers purchase their goods and services while watching videos on Chainflix. Advertizers are expected to sign up on the platform and set their ads to a cost-per-view system, where they only pay for the number of times their ads were actually viewed. This helps to eliminate unfair charges. 

Storage providers: These are the users who allow videos and other content to be uploading into their space. Storage providers are responsible for making sure that the content stays available at all times and that it’s secure from outside forces. For providing this service they are also able to earn coins, which makes them more likely to continue providing those storage spaces. 


Rewards earned on Chainflix can be spent within and outside the platform. The coins have been mined and they can be used for rewards that are offered by advertisers. They can also be bought so the individual has even more or they can be sold off for different types of currency and coins. Not only that but they can be traded. And all of these services are carried out right within the system that they’ve already been working in.

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What is DTube? is also a blockchain streaming platform that provides you with compensation in the form of cryptocurrency for creating content and uploading it to their program. Content creators are encouraged to create any type of content that they want and to upload it to the platform. From there, they have complete control over every aspect of the content. For example, the content creator gets to decide whether they want to show ads within their video and programs them in for themselves. DTube does not insert any advertising at all.

Those who don’t choose to create their own content can still earn some cryptocurrency as well because they are able to earn through viewing, sharing, and commenting on the content that is already posted and uploaded into the system. By engaging with the content they are able to earn their own currency and continue to support the platform at the same time. This encourages more viewers for the content, which in turn creates more revenue and more cryptocurrency for those who are creating the content, which encourages even more content creation to occur.


DTube offers no censorship at all, so content is allowed to be about anything. They also offer a platform that is completely fair to others, which means that all of the data available through the system is completely public. Anyone is welcome to look at it. No algorithms exist to prioritize any type of content or any specific content over the rest, whether by monetizing them more or by showing them more prevalently to the potential viewers. All content creators are given the exact same benefits and the exact same opportunity to be seen and earn more currency from their videos.

How they differ

These two blockchain streaming platforms do differ in several different ways. For one thing, DTube does not provide the same type of payouts that you would get with Chainflix. You will be able to earn cryptocurrency for interacting with content that is produced, which is similar to the viewers within Chainflix. You will also be able to earn cryptocurrency for creating content, which is the content creators of Chainflix. However, the others that are able to earn currency through Chainflix, namely enhancers and storage providers, do not exist or do not have the opportunity to earn rewards on DTube.

Another difference you will find with DTube and Chainflix is the way that content is stored. Chainflix allows individual storage providers to earn cryptocurrency by hosting videos and maintaining their safe storage. On the other hand, DTube uses an IPFS peer-to-peer system to provide storage for their content and videos. These services are not eligible to receive coins for storing the content. This can make the storage of content less intriguing and it means that there is an entire area of the process that is not eligible to receive compensation. Both provide fast upload speeds and the ability to decentralize the way in which videos are stored and viewed.

Why choose Chainflix?

Chainflix is the only blockchain-oriented system that rewards users at all stages of the process of creating and enjoying content. Those who create the content, enhance the content, view the content, and store the content all have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency rewards, which encourages participation at all levels of the process. This is also going to increase the amount of coins that are available and will continue to encourage the exchange and buying and selling of coins that are used within the system as well, which enhances the entire field of cryptocurrency as a whole.

Chainflix also provides a great deal of support and freedom to the content creators who are able to determine just how much of a reward they want to provide to those who are viewing or enhancing their content. In fact, content creators get nearly complete control over all aspects related to their content, which will allow them to feel more involved in the entire process related to their content. They get to set all ratios for reward distribution and they get to work with advertisers for the content being provided as well.

Overall, there are a number of excellent features available on both blockchain streaming platforms, but only Chainflix can provide all of the services that those looking to get into this blockchain structure would want. It allows every participant on the chain and throughout the process to earn digital currency for interacting in the way that they do best.

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