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New BitMEX Operator, 100X Awards $50,000 Grant to Bitcoin Developer Jeremy Rubin

Jeremy Rubin is the latest Bitcoin Core developer to receive a grant from 100x Group, the parent company behind BitMEX. The new award is valued $50,000 and is framed within a one-year support program for open-source development by Jeremy Rubin, who is one of the renown Bitcoin developers and currently works at Judica Inc.

The recent grant award from 100x Group is part of the company’s Open Source Developer Grant program. Bitcoin Development Grant Agreement is an open-source grant agreement template for such applications. 100x Group and others use the template to help bitcoin developers. Especially those who offer their time and expertise to grow the industry.

The holding company has previously awarded other developers like Michael Ford, Gleb Naumenko and Amiti Uttarwar.

Michael Ford has received two grants from former BitMEX operator, HDR Global in 2019 and 2020. Gleb Naumenko, who focuses on the security, privacy, and scalability of the P2P layer, has received a $100,000 grant this month.

Amiti Uttarwar is the other one who has been rewarded a $75,000 grant this year for developing transaction rebroadcast logic on Bitcoin core.

Rubin will use the grant on development projects in his company, Judica Inc, which is a Bitcoin R&D laboratory. He is one of the professional developers contributing to Bitcoin core development. Judica Inc has previously received grants and funds from other investors and 100x tries to jump on the same bandwagon to help this company.

Rubin’s company have multiple categories to focus on developing Bitcoin features. Conducting the demanding infrastructure on Bitcoin’s mempool, maintaining the CheckTemplateVerify (BIP-119) proposal and further developing the Sapio programming language are among its most important projects.

The $50,000 grant for Jeremy was the latest for the 2020 program. 100x Group says it will publish new details about applications for 2021 Grant program soon.

Meanwhile, BitMEX operator, 100x Group is not the only crypto exchange company providing grants to Bitcoin developers. Many more players like Kraken are active in providing grants, too and recently donated $150,000 to open-source Bitcoin payment protocol, BTCPayServer.

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