BITFXT : Largest Blockchain Project In Africa

BITFXT is an acronym for Bitcoin Forex Technology.

Bitfxt is an African based blockchain platform which aims at building an ecosystem of transparency, trust, speed, user satisfaction, building and developing valuable blockchain software while aiming to bring the “blockchain” closer to the people by building interactive, easy-to-use decentralized solutions that will be easily accessible to everyone within and beyond Africa.

However, BitFxt has been in the blockchain industry for long and has built real time working platforms.

BitFxt Projects at a Glance

BitFxt Exchange: It is intuitive and easy to operate. Users can fund their accounts seamlessly and withdraw with ease. It is the cheapest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of fees. Read more here.

BitFxt Wallet: Bitfxt Wallet is an android native wallet for securely storing and trading ETH and BTC. Users can as well trade and exchange with their local currency using bitfxt wallet. Read more here.

Bxtcoin Vault: is an innovative mining/coin release software that rewards users with new coins for locking down their coins to provide liquidity on the BitFxt exchange. The vault technology is the first of its kind globally. Read more here.

BitFxt Academy: is the first truly blockchain academy that offer courses and certifications like a typical online university.  School fees can be paid in BXT as well as other cryptocurrencies. Read more here.

Bitfxt Lab: is the software development arm of bitfxt technology. It consists of experienced professional software developers from all over the world. Nevertheless, BitFxt has gone into strategic partnerships with IT and blockchain companies to continually expand their scopes and provide more services to clients within and beyond Africa. Read more here.

Bitfxt Cointracker: Bitfxt cointracker is a sophisticated crypto currency, exchange and news tracking software. It solves a major problem in the crypto space. Users of Bitfxt Cointracker can keep tabs of every activity on coinmarketcap, news and the various assets they are trading in various other exchanges without having to login to their accounts. It is amazingly always up to date because all the info are in real time. Read more here.

Bitfxt coin (BXT) is a ‘decentralized cryptocurrency built with a proof of stake algorithm. BXT coin is the official coin for bitfxt technology community. It is used to pay for any services, fees, casting of votes, and for trading as a base currency in bitfxt ecosystem. It is highly profitable and has the capacity to grow in value in a short period of time.

BitFxt Coin ICO is Live: Visit


Overall Services: trade, exchange, wallet, academy, vault, blockchain startup incubation, software development, e-commerce and much more.

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