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@Bitcoin Twitter Handle Stops Supporting Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

The Bitcoin community today welcomed a supposed prodigal son back to the fold after the @Bitcoin Twitter handle which in the past supported Bitcoin Cash (BCH) reversed its stance for yet unclear reasons.

Following the hardfork that led to the creation of the Bitcoin Cash Network in 2017, the person(s) behind the @Bitcoin Twitter handle took sides with the altcoin camp, causing further Twitter wars and an eventual block from most Bitcoin maximalists.

At the time of writing this report though, the Twitter handle which has over 968,000 followers has now deleted all of its previous posts in support of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with the bio now including the link to the original Bitcoin whitepaper.

Crypto Twitter Reacts to @Bitcoin Camp Switch

Apparently, the decision of whoever is behind the handle to return to the Bitcoin camp can be attributed to either the person falling out with the Bitcoin Cash community or an ongoing crisis in the altcoin camp.

Whichever way, part of crypto community seemed pleased with the switch with the most famous tweets regarding the developments including this one from Litecoin founder, Charlie Lee.

Charlie believes that the only logical reason for the latest development is that @Bitcoin must have recently ended its romantic relationship with Roger Ver, the leader of Bitcoin Cash and CEO of

To further buttress the possibility of Lee’s opinion, twitter user @2357_is_prime who was also unblocked by the @Bitcoin handle today tweeted that Roger once claimed that he knew the current owner of the handle, which means that he must have knowledge of what happened to the account or there was a fallout between both parties. However, Roger chooses not to say anything about it while letting his employees “run rampant on r/btc with conspiracy theories instead.”

Although while it seems the owner of then Handle has turned a new leaf, not every Bitcoiner sees it as a welcoming development. Some are still skeptic about the sudden change of sides, with one user tweeting that it could be a trust-building strategy “for a new round of affinity scamming.”

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