Bitcoin to Strike a Majestic Run on Crypto Sports Betting in 2020:  Smart Betting Guide

Bitcoin prediction 2020

It has been only a decade since the term “Bitcoin” found subsistence, but the rage it has created is huge. Being a progeny of the immense concept of decentralization has provided Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with great momentum towards global acceptance that they are experiencing today. 

Having made a presence in a wide range of industries around the globe, BTC involvement has soared up by about 40% since the start of the year 2020 alone. And the wave has, nevertheless, passed across the betting industry as well. 

Today, there are several online betting sites that accept cryptocurrency. However, many sportsbooks present significant bonuses for those dealing in BTC, Ethereum, LTC and other popular coins. Bitcoin, above all, is ruling the crypto-backed betting sector as of date.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020

Smart Betting Guide, a community dedicated to piloting the novices of the betting world towards a better understanding of the market and walking them through the art of money-making, has released the bitcoin price prediction for the year 2020 to aid bettors in their decision-making prospects. 

The year 2019 has statistically proved a roller coaster for the value of bitcoin at a glance, yet culminating into one of the highest-grossing years for crypto bankers. The year that started with an approximate 100% rise in the value of BTC, from $3700 to $7,000, witnessed as sudden a downfall in February, going back as low as $3,400. However, by the end of Q2 bitcoin had already caught an upward trend, escalating to an all-time high of about $13,000. This can be determined as one of the key factors that triggered the rise of crypto betting bookies globally.

With the winsome end posed in 2019, Bitcoin is staring straight into another year of the profitable forecast. In 2020, we are looking at the third Bitcoin halving that is to take place in May, cutting down the bitcoin block subsidy to half. This is expected to set bitcoin price on fire, just the way it did during the past bitcoin halving sessions in 2012 and 2016.

Bitcoin’s seemingly smooth ride overall might face a stumble this year with a promising competition setting foot into the market in the form of Facebook Libra. With a global user base of 2.4 billion, treading on the “trust” consensus that bitcoin has been coping with for years might contrarily prove a cakewalk for Libra which is operationally tied with other stable currencies like Dollar, Euro, Yen, and bonds.

Nevertheless, Libra is still to make its debut and no concrete word can be issued yet. On the other hand, Bitcoin is going great and is poised as an enticing investment landscape for long-term businesses all around. The online betting sector has evidently taken the cue, given the spur in Bitcoin acceptance that it is relaying in the contemporary market.

Cryptocurrency sports betting dealing in bitcoins is on a rise and so are the users turning their interest towards this new outset. Crypto bookmakers have a lot to offer to their customers, ranging from complete digitalized and transparent operations to extremely fast and efficient rate of transactions – all that has been absent in the traditional betting market for long. Nevertheless, the presence and sorting out of reliable crypto betting bookies is a major challenge that needs to be tackled well and early in order to deepen the roots of crypto betting into the future of crypto business. 

Smart Betting Guide is an initiative that aims to enhance and encourage the understanding of crypto online betting sites among the common masses. The Smart Betting Guide platform features details of operations in the sports betting sphere, elaborately categorized and formatted to the best of general comprehension. It has, under various headers, an explanation of betting odds, margins, money management systems, procedures for probability calculation, tips to select a trustworthy betting bookie and everything else relevant to the betting world. The cryptocurrency infused information, prediction and betting marketplace boasts of being the ultimate associate for successful development of betting business using virtual currency and in the realms of digital assets.

Smart Betting Guide, through its all-encompassing platform, specializes in conveying authentic information to everyone by critical predictions on an entirely open market. The drive to educate and empower the majority with respect to crypto culture has shot out and is observing great reception by far. And with bitcoin making great strides on the global dias towards an unassailable tomorrow, the adoption of cryptocurrency by people is concurrently improving remarkably.

Though it is almost certain that cryptocurrency would invade a huge chunk of online sports betting grounds in the future, it is only for time to tell how close it is getting to it and how soon. 

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