Bitcoin Goes to Spain’s Congress of Deputies; All 350 MPs Receive BTC Donation

Bitcoin has found its way to the Congress of Deputies of Spain as the members of parliament experiment with the cryptocurrency through the courtesy of Tutellus, a Spanish blockchain-based educational platform, and local crypto media, Observatorio Blockchain.

According to the report today, all 350 deputies in the lower house of the Cortes Generales became Bitcoin holders after receiving one euro ($1.18) worth of BTC as an experiment.

Tutellus donated the BTC to the congress’ ten parliamentary groups since the initiative organizers could not access the email addresses of all 350 deputies on the congress’ website. 

Explaining how the BTC was sent to the legislators’ political groups, the report stated that Miguel Caballero, founder of Tutellus, created BTC wallets on Bluewallet using the groups’ emails. 

The recipients would be required to download the Bluewallet app and scan the QR codes attached to the mail sent to access the BTC.  

The initiative was launched to give the legislators exposure to cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin since Europe is committed to launching its digital currency in the near future. 

With each member of the Spanish parliament receiving a fraction of BTC, the initiative will help them understand the asset’s payment usage, as well as its pros and cons, the report added. 

More political elites gain Bitcoin exposure 

Interestingly, the initiative is similar to the “Crypto for Congress” campaign launched in the United States Congress earlier this week. 

Under the program, the Chamber of Digital Commerce Political Action Committee made a $50 BTC donation to all 535 members of congress, including 100 recipients in the U.S. Senate and 435 in the House of Representatives. 

The Crypto for Congress program was launched to expand BTC’s adoption to the political space, as many government officials do not have experience with digital currencies.  

Similarly, Godfrey Bloom, a former member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire and the Humber, indicated an interest in Bitcoin last week when he made a tweet saying: “I make my first purchases of Bitcoin…” 

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