Market Updates: Bitcoin Finds Strong Support Within $33k As BNB Hits $300.

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We saw a lot of price movement during the last 24 hours from every coin in the crypto market. The coin with the highest gain in the last 24 hours is Solana as it gained more than  30% of its value per unit. The crypto industry is also heading for a total market value of $1.4 billion.

BTC and BNB are not left out from the last 24 hours activities as they gained over 7% and 13% respectively. The price gains follow the dip that ‘was experienced during the time under consideration. Interestingly, the prices of various coins are relatively stable as of the time of writing.

Based on recent price movement, after the succession of the $33k price region, Bitcoin has since been trading between $33k and occasionally crossing $34,000. The question of how long the $33k support will hold is one that no one can answer but from recent price performance, the $33k support has not been a strong one.

There has been no price rebound from the $33,000 support as it flips every time it is tested. This time may not be different as the $30k support may break after a test. The good news however for the bulls as the Binance coin just crossed $300; one of its weakest resistance that is currently the strongest support.

Using previous price movement as a case study, it is easy to see that the $300 is one of the strongest supports BNB has. In recent times, the $300 mark has been attacked over and over again, but the Binance coin enjoyed a significant price rebound at this level. One notable factor is that the $300 level is at its strongest when the Binance token experiences a price drop from as high as $330.

BNB may flip if tested now. Worth mentioning is Dogecoin latest price rally that sees the coin record a whopping 23% and climbs up the market cap ranking.

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