Bitcoin Cash Finishes Strong With 19% Surge to Close June With Almost 170%

Bitcoin Cash is closing its best month of the year. The asset is also ending with a big bang as it is currently up by a significant figure. It also flipped another key level during the latest surge.

BCH opened the day at $253 with prices lingering around this mark for the most part of the session. Nonetheless, the 2-hour shart sheds more light on what transpired. The altcoin under consideration had a very good start. The first candle after the previous day’s was a green that saw the asset edge past the $260 resistance. It peaked at $267 and gained more than 5% in two hours.

The next major event took place over the next two hours. After breaking the highlighted barrier, bitcoin cash went further. It retested another key level: the $300 resistance. During this period, it also attained its first peak price for the day as it broke past the barrier and went as high as $326. However, it new milestone was short-lived. The token retraced and closed at $299 with gains of more than 12%.

After these key events, the asset trended between the low and high until a brief breakout. It tried breaking $330 but faced major rejection at $329. Nonetheless, BCH is closing the current intraday session with gains of almost 19%. This also adds to the massive increases it had over the last few days.

Bitcoin Cash is up by 160%

A look at the daily chart points to explain that the altcoin is having its best month of the year. It was mostly bullish over the last twenty-nine days and revisited levels it hasn’t in almost one year.One such level is $300 which it attained today. The last time the BCH broke above this level was in June 2022.

Another key highlight of the month happened on the 23rd day. It kicked off trading at $133 and surged to a high of $194. However, it retraced and closed at $182 which signifies a more than 36% increase in value at the time.

Another such event happened two days earlier. When the token opened at $110 and retested $140. It faced strong resistance at the mark and retraced. The intraday session closed with BCH exchanging at $135 and registering gains of more than 23%.

The bullish trend continued as the coin registered its biggest gain of the month. It opened trading at $133 and surged, flipping several critical resistances. It ran through barriers like $160 and $180 and made an attempt at $200. However, the trial was unsuccessful as the token faced strong rejection at $194. As a result, it retraced and closed at $182 and closed with gains of more than 36%.

All these increases make up the almost 170% positive change in value the asset is closing June with.

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