Will Bitcoin be a Better Investment Than Stock in the Next Decade? Trader Thinks so

Most of the world’s leading companies have gained considerably large returns over the last decade, but nowhere close to Bitcoin’s accomplishment

Bloomberg anchor, Jon Erlichman, on Dec 23, shared a list of some of the outstanding returns that some major global businesses have brought to investors, with Netflix leading the way with a massive 4,177% in the last ten years.

Amazon, Mastercard, and Apple closely followed Netflix with more than a 1000% return. This turnout proved the falsity of the predictions made by stock market doomsayers.

According to Jon, the “Stock returns in past decade: Netflix: +4,177%, Amazon: +1,787%, Mastercard: +1,126%, Apple: +966%, Visa: +824%, Starbucks: +800%, Salesforce: +792%, Adobe: +790%, Nike: +587%, Microsoft: +556%, Costco: +542%, Disney: +423%, Google: +335%, McDonald’s: +325%.”

The growth of all these companies was in no way near the outstanding growth that Bitcoin has experienced since 2010. Its growth is considered one of the biggest success stories since 2010 as it is currently around 9m percent ($1 worth of bitcoin in 2010 would give a return of about $92,000 today).

Although it is still quite unclear what the future holds for the leading cryptocurrency, many crypto traders expect that its performance in 2020 will also be better than US stocks.

Speaking on this, Josh Rager, a crypto trader and investor, said today that he is quite convinced that even those who buy Bitcoin at its current price of $7,000 could potentially see their investment returns rise in a couple of years up to more than 1,000%.

“As amazing as these stock returns are, there is a potential opportunity to have similar gains with Bitcoin even at its current price: $ 7000’s Potential 1000+% returns, not only over the coming decade, in the next few years if we see $BTC hit between $75k to $100k+. One can hope.”

Meanwhile, recent data shows that Bitcoin hashrate has reached a new all-time high of 111 EH/s from 41 EH/s in January. This is an indication that the bitcoin network is becoming robust and more secure as more miners are entering the mining market and investing in sophisticated mining hardware, which means that miners are confident in the long term potential of the bitcoin market. 

Bitcoin Hashrate


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